Роза Сябитова рассказала о крахе брака своей дочери Teleshko frankly told about the failed marriage of the heiress of Xenia. In recognition of Rose Sabitova, lawyer Andrey Snetkov threw the bride immediately after the wedding. Celebrity did not expect such act from a young man who initially made quite an impression on her.

      Recently on the First channel showed the long-awaited documentary “rose Sabitova. The matchmaker of marriageable age” on the life host of “let’s get married”. In the film directed by Ilya Ulyanov woman openly talked about the difficult childhood, early career and failed marriage of his daughter Xenia.

      Recall that two years ago, rose Sabitova spent a lot of effort and money to arrange a luxurious ceremony for the beloved heiress. Lush wedding cost celebrity 15 million rubles. Telezhka was crazy about the chosen girl – the lawyer Andrey Snetkov. “The lawyer in the third generation, teaches at such a young age,” recalls his impressions rose.

      Friends of talasahi admired an expensive ceremony. According to them, everything was organized at the highest level.

      “I was at the wedding of her daughter. It was so carefully and beautifully. I remember rose, she was very nicely dressed. It was kind of rejuvenated, elated, emaciated she wore a very beautiful dress. Her eyes shone with joy – not only maternal, but also a happy welcoming person,” said actress Natalia Selezneva.

      However, as it turned out, the feelings of the young man turned out to be fleeting. He broke up with Ksenia immediately after he legalized relationship with her.

      “Kseniya cried simply. He didn’t sleep with her! He was not living with her. Left and all” – shared teleshko in the documentary.

      Itself Ksenia refused to comment on the act of Andrew. “I don’t answer this question”, – said the girl. Apparently, the daughter of talasahi still unpleasant to remember about the groom, which so badly failed her.

      By the way, earlier in an interview with the woman frankly admitted that the marriage of Xenia do not work out. “Could be wrong mother wishing daughter love, happiness? I wanted, and what happened, happened,” – said teleshko.

      As for the son of Rose Sabitova Denis, he meets a woman who is his senior by twelve years. Teleshko admits that she doesn’t really like the choice of a young man. So Sabitova even tried to marry Denis on the set of the First channel show. However, as soon as the program ended, he went back to the second half.

      “I don’t believe I need advice. Every man must find himself a woman,” said the son of talasahi.