Husband of Lolita: “During repairs quarrel terrible”

Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно» Spouse star shared heavy moments they have faced in marriage. Today, the pair is celebrating seven years of marriage. Dmitry Ivanov told the “StarHit” as he affectionately calls his wife and why she was unable to love fitness training.

      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»

      Seven years ago, March 20, 2010, Lolita is married to athlete, coach and fitness squash Dmitry Ivanov. Over the years of living together the couple passed fire and water, but Palladium has admitted that this man made her truly happy. Copper, on the eve of the wedding Dima said “StarHit” about finding treasure and building a house in Bulgaria.

      “All dates in calendar”

      A couple of days ago you came back from Malta. It was a gift to wife on anniversary?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Though rarely, but try to do them. Phoned and Solinym Director Eduard, I chose 5 days. Contacted a friend, whose apartment on the shore of the Bay, was booked on 13 March. Lola we said all week prior to departure. She was so happy! The fact that five years ago the wife had a concert in Malta, we flew together for three days. The heat was incredible! Early in the morning ran to the sea, and before lunch I was running kilometres in the water, but Lola “played” Penelope sat on the rocks, dangling his feet in the water. We were surrounded by buildings of the XIII–XV centuries, built by the knights of Malta. Before marrying Milavskaya I wasn’t interested in historical artifacts, excavations… Now we bought the machine to find the treasure, is simply a metal detector. So far I found only a crowbar, but you have no idea how it helps to chop ice in the country. I realized that in order to make his wife happy, need to find a place with a huge number of historical monuments. 5 years of marriage, I gave us a trip to Spain on the “Dalí triangle”. Upon returning Lola bought brushes, paints, mastered the aging ceiling borders, now the apartment has corners made with her hands.—
      Itself the anniversary was marked in Moscow, it turns out?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Lola this day the concert in Kursk. So the week after work take her to a restaurant to dine by candlelight. Quietly, in the family.—
      You remember all the important dates? Many believe that this is not necessarily…
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»In fact, everything in the phone calendar – dates Dating, wedding. Birthday, thank God, remember. The wife reminders there, so on the anniversaries and events I said to her.

      Judging by the candles, trips, gifts, are you a romantic person?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Romance was in the first stage of relations – now more than the domestics. And all of the above to it has no relation. Well, Lola massages always do. Because I see how she comes, lays down tired. But a foot massage for me – not romance, but something taken for granted.—
      And affectionate nicknames do you have?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»I call it Lausa, and she me, the masik.

      “My wife saved me”

      Shared Hobbies with his wife, in addition to travelling, you have?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Had a rest in Sochi, there was the opening of a gambling zone could not go. Tried different machines, but jackpot was hit not there. When he left, received the coupons for the prize draw. Put them in the drum, won half a million rubles. But the same evening, later.—
      As a specialist in fitness wife train?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»At the initial stage was an attempt, but failed. She and sport are incompatible. Listen to me Lola, when I offer long walks, high – morning exercises. The same story with healthy eating. It itself sometimes finds that it is necessary to refuse bread or fried, but it doesn’t last. Some time passes and all is forgotten. She had her own vision and understanding about healthy food and healthy lifestyle.

      She takes care of you? Preparing Breakfast?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Lola can do everything, but only when she has the mood. I’m not asking about anything. Better lie down, relax, read. It is more important for me than the plate stand. Meals in the restaurant to order. I’m not picky.—
      A few months ago everyone was discussing the scandal with a Scientology cult where you lured by deception. How did you survive this period?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»The story was difficult – a friend introduced me to these courses leaders. That they have such a problem – to bring new people. Almost got lost in there effects on the brain creepy. Lola wisely, pulled me, literally saved. A very grateful wife. I went to a psychologist, consulted with him. Glad to have stopped in time and came out without loss to the mental and physical condition. But this experience is something he was given to me. For the second time on the same rake already precisely will not occur.—
      Happened is that you saved your wife?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Of course. This long tour, and just bad days. Talk with some jerk- the mood is spoiled and do not want to. Lola still takes everything to heart. Have to distract her for hours we can sit and talk about what upset her, or on any other subject. Try to rid it of negativity. We are family to each other to help out.—
      What can fall?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»The only scandals that we have recently associated with construction. We both did repairs before the marriage, arguing separately with the workers. But the first time both building a house in Bulgaria. And here scandals United, fight terribly. It seems that I don’t have zakontrolirovat to me, but she went too far. But what I do know: when we finish building the house with views of lavender fields, which will bring children, relatives, friends, we’ll never have to raise voice at each other.
      Lola said that soon you will come to Moscow with her daughter from Kiev – will go to University. How do you communicate with eve?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»Found mostly in Bulgaria, rest all together. Eva is a very positive person, not cranky. We immediately found a common language. The racket of it to hold not like, but swimming I teach. More recently, juggling show – it right the first time it was with the tangerines. Eve now finishes school with Lola choose an educational institution in Moscow. With admission is very difficult. Remember how you did all this with my daughter from a previous marriage Nastya, when she came to Moscow.
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»
      As her academic success?
      Муж Лолиты: «Во время ремонта ссоримся ужасно»She’s a sophomore in the State University on land management. To be an architect. I remember when I decided on a profession, she asked her daughter “What can you do?” With the sport she is in trouble, but since 8 years I went to art school, we decided to move in this direction. She wanted at the Institute, but not passed. Filed documents in the goose received.—
      Anastasia and eve friends?
      Yet, they did not meet. I hope this time when eve will finally meet. It was not until ground, unfortunately.