Роза Сябитова отвергла бывшего избранника на глазах у коллег The Italian Giuseppe, which is the main matchmaker of the country broke up three years ago, recorded a video message to the woman. The man expressed the hope that rose Sabitova come to their senses and back to him. However, the celebrity chose the other candidate.
Роза Сябитова отвергла бывшего избранника на глазах у коллег

Rose Sabitova again became the heroine of the program “let’s get married”. In the previous issue of Larisa Guzeeva and Vasilisa Volodina has shed light on some details of private life of colleagues, and in a live TV show from 29 September, the celebrity chose a husband from several contenders.

Ksenia Sabitova first told about the divorce

For the heart of the Roses fought 49-year-old architect Alexander, 55-year-old coach Oleg bodybuilding and 60-the summer doctor-osteopath Alex. They tried to surprise Sabitova bright rooms and compliments. One of the grooms boasted a flawless body and Flex its muscles, and two other program participants demonstrated tilecache your massage skills.

A real surprise for the women was a video message from a former lover, the Italian Giuseppe, who owns a chain of restaurants, the yacht club and the electronics.

Роза Сябитова отвергла бывшего избранника на глазах у коллег

Rose Sabitova had an affair with the owner in 2013. Wealthy boyfriend star was pushing her on the boat and drove to the vineyards. Soon, however, the lovers parted. The celebrity said that she was bored with the foreigner. A few years later after breaking up with Rose, Giuseppe decided to publicly call her. The man expressed regret that broke up with the second half.

Rose Sabitova threw the Italian lover

“Hello, Rose. How’s it going? We’re hard at work, tourist season is still in full swing. Sorry, couldn’t get it done for you to come. We spent many wonderful days together, and hope they and you were very pleasant. I am grateful to that time of bliss and love. Yes, a great love, because when I lost you, I realized what love is and you’re the woman I need. Dear Rosa, I asked to make a choice in my favor. Let’s try again. Kisses, Beppi”, – said the Italian.
Роза Сябитова отвергла бывшего избранника на глазах у коллег

However, rose Sabitova decided not to return to a former lover. The woman opted for doctor-osteopath Alex. Earlier in his favor was supported by the children of talasahi Ksenia and Denis. They found that the man looks very businesslike and thorough.

“I think you just have to try. Who doesn’t try, he does not drink champagne including,” Sabitova said, taking the man by the arm.

Larisa Guzeeva was congratulated by peers and her lover. “I’m very glad we have a couple – rose and Alex. Hurrah!” – concluded the presenter.