Теща Андрея Аршавина: «Зятя в обиду не дам!» Natalia asked him not to insult players. Alice’s mum is an active user of social networks. Tired of the criticism of Andrew, the woman expressed its position in the microblog.
Теща Андрея Аршавина: «Зятя в обиду не дам!»

The first of September, Andrei Arshavin and his wife Alice celebrated a year of married life. Fiancee gave birth to the footballer’s daughter Esanu, who recently turned seven months. Besides, Arshavin found a common language with children of Alice. Fans of the athlete I admire their family idyll.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin showed the conditions in which her family lives

In the microblog the player’s wife is actively communicating with other Network users. Some people are very hostile towards Alice and Andrew, therefore, Express their opinions in the comments. Many blamed the athlete for what he almost does not communicate with the children from his first marriage. Tuned blog is following Alice and her mother, Natalia Sarycheva. The parent is tired of the evil opinions and responded to their detractors.

“I was silent but now I will protect my son-in-law (father of my granddaughter, by the way) and a wonderful stepfather to two other children — Son-in-law will not give offense! Write what you want,” noted a woman in comments.

Alice supported the relative. “An example of how to defend,” said the wife of Arshavin. The mother of three children often have to explain that they were happy with Andrew, despite the rumours spreading around them a couple.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin: “We have survived persecution and happy”

As told by Alice “StarHit”, she had chosen to forgive even treason. Shortly before their wedding of the footballer was having an affair on the side.

“Our relationship with Andrew after the wedding and the birth of a daughter is much better. He has changed, became absolutely to others: attentive, caring, very trying for us. Wept when it appeared that Sasha didn’t understand how a man can do to ruin a family. Now we are fine, get a divorce I’m not going. Of course, it was hard to go through it, but all in the past. Andrew loves children, my daughter calls him dad, even though he was not native. With the biological father she, unfortunately, does not communicate” – shared the wife of the athlete.

Recall that Alice and Andrew have been together for three years. Only last autumn they decided to legitimize the relationship in one of the salons of St. Petersburg. The wedding was attended by only close friends and the bride’s children from a previous relationship.