Rose Sabitova made a statement regarding cheating brides

Роза Сябитова сделала заявление по поводу обмана невест Teleshko responded to the attacks of disgruntled clients who claim that she is a fraud. Rose Sabitova has denied such speculation and said that strongly believes in their cause. According to celebrity, everyone is the blacksmith of his own happiness.

Last week in the media appeared information about the fact that Rose Sabitova sue. Women who signed a contract with telezhkoy about “providing a service of establishing contact with a person of the opposite sex”, accused the star of cheating. Client Sabitova said that she never found them suitors. This is why brides need to initiate a criminal case against celebrity.

The scandal, which was implicated rose Sabitova, caused a strong public resonance. Concerned teleshko acquainted with the claims of dissatisfied clients and responded to their accusations. Celebrity made it clear, that every man builds his own happiness.

“The truth needs to be with his fists?.. I’m not going to stoop to such low behavior problems, aggression and revenge. I firmly believe in my case that is my calling. What the Lord called me into this world. I believe in law and order of my country. So I feel sorry for the women who blame me for the problems of his personal life and try to slander me on his own impotence. I feel sorry for people who do not know me and mine, support this slander. God will judge!” – shared teleshko in Instagram.

The star also noted that well-wishers will not be able to get her to stop working. “The only thing I do all I can assure is that nobody will manage to break me, and I will not cease to do my favorite thing, to help the birth of a strong and happy families!” noted Sabitova.

Fans of talasahi supported her and advised me not to give up. “Rose, you’re great”, “We are with you, keep it up! Everyone perceives this world the same way he’d been taught”, “strongly agree”, “I Love you”, “Thank you for your sincerity in the transfer and in life”, “Good words”, “If a woman does not like men, it is not her fault. Men love well-groomed, self-sufficient, intelligent, kanakakunnu, and interesting. Let it evolve, and then get married with or without” – discussing social media users.

We also add that this year rose Syabitova is 55 years old. Its anniversary teleshko noted in the family circle, among which were Larissa Guzeeva, Irina Slutskaya, radio host Alisa Selezneva and many others. Celebration organized by celebrity, was held in one of the restaurants located on the ruble. Rose Sabitova: “Contact with ex-cons not suggest”