Alexei Vorobyov has unveiled the chosen one

Алексей Воробьев рассекретил избранницу The singer hinted at the relationship. Alex was placed in the microblog photo with an attractive brunette, which caused considerable interest among the followers. Fans are wondering whether the girl the new girlfriend of the artist.

The other day Alexey Vorobev has shared in his microblog a photo of a romantic nature. In the photo he is pictured with a beautiful girl – Polina Larceny, which the singer recently shoots Comedy videos for “Instagram”. Fans argue if there is a young man in a new relationship.

The photo caused a lot of responses. “Cutie”, “Is she your girlfriend?”, “Never seen Alex so happy! It’s the love!” “Let them be happy both. No matter how long can be the happiness everyone deserves. Happiness to all!” “I hope you found your love. And she’s not going to change, and will love and respect you. And you found a real mutual love!” – actively commented on the post fans of the artist.

“Goodbye, my angel. I’ll see you again one day…” – signed photo of Alex.

The artist tries to keep secret personal life and believes that happiness loves silence. After a difficult breakup in January of this year, the singer’s fans were confident that the actor will not engage in a new relationship. We will remind that Alexey heavily experienced the betrayal of a girl who cheated on him while the singer was filming in the US. Returning home early to surprise her beloved, he found out that she has left him for another man. It appeared that during the absence of her boyfriend, the girl successfully settled in their personal lives.

After breaking up Alex threw himself into work. Recently a young man shared with followers only happy pictures and funny videos what really pleases his fans. Judging by the posts in his microblog, no longer a singer reminisces about past relationships and feeling positive.

Earlier, the mother of the singer Nadezhda Nikolaevna admitted that he is very worried about an heir, because he really with all my heart loved a girl and wanted to spend my life with. Now she hopes that Alex will definitely meet somebody who will treat him the same way. Perhaps Pauline is the chosen one that will make Alex happy.