Rose Sabitova in settling family estate

Роза Сябитова обустраивается в родовом поместье The presenter showed what happens with its land in the suburbs. Sabitova have managed to build a guest house, and the plans of the celebrity – construction of the main building, which will occur in the next year. The night from December 31 to January 1, rose is going to spend in the new cottage.

      This year 54-year-old TV presenter rose Sabitova was thinking about buying his own home, where I could gather all of her family. This celebrity bought twenty acres of land a few dozen kilometers from the Moscow ring road and began construction of the mansion. The celebrity also told reporters that the road from her cottage to Moscow will take only half an hour, that very little of the capital standards.

      First Sabitova believed that the process will take several years, but in fact, everything went much faster. In the coming months teleshko plans to live in a new cottage, as she announced to subscribers of their “Instagram”.

      “I thought that will be built in five years. Especially because I am without a man (having for its construction, makes no sense). But a free woman can quickly be built, if she has true friends and reliable partners”, – said rose Sabitova in the microblog.

      Teleshko also showed fans photos of the interior of his home and announced how much money she had to spend on its construction. In the bedroom, according to Rose, took about 20 thousand, in the hallway – six thousand, and in the kitchen – ten thousand roubles. However, work on the design of the mansion is not yet finished.

      “Haven’t painted the house, started cold. But the New year I will meet on their land and in their home,” – said Sabitova its followers.

      Fans of TV presenter congratulated her on the upcoming housewarming. “Very beautiful work”, “Comfortable, happy”, “warm and pleasant guests”, “rose, you’re done! You have a lot to learn”, “So good, nothing more”, “a Beautiful land, very green and the flowers”, “Your house, even small, is a Paradise”, “sweet and Simple”, “this mansion must be nice to breathe”, “I like pretty colors,” wrote the followers Sabitova.

      Earlier Sabitova told reporters that when he saw the bare land, was in shock. Leading has never worked construction, so it all had to learn from scratch. While on the site Sabitova only a fence and a cottage for guests, but in the future star plans to build and house it will be one-story.