Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

Скандал в семье Ольги Бузовой: деньги, ребенок и другие причины расставания The presenter crossed the road mother-in-law. “StarHit” found that when buying a house in the suburbs, the husband of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov decided to make a mansion on his mother. This greatly affected his wife.

      Скандал в семье Ольги Бузовой: деньги, ребенок и другие причины расставания

      The news of the collapse of the star pair last week shocked their fans. They immediately started rattling off guesses: “Changed OLE!”, “She earns more, and Dima could not resist”. Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov were married on 26 June 2012, and their marriage looked perfect, the leading “House-2” midfielder “Locomotive” was not ashamed to confess each other in love, in social networks, often traveled together, and in an interview said that never argue. In may last year, the lovers finally got a property – Tarabotti, as they called themselves, bought a luxury house in the suburbs with an area of several hundred square meters.

      Tale Tarabrikov: why Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov was the envy of the whole country

      It turned out that this purchase was for a pair of femme. “He insisted that the mansion was designed by his mother Olga Aleksandrovna – says “StarHit” friend of the player Anna. To do so made him a bitter experience when he in 2011 to divorce his wife, Oksana, in court had to pay her RUB 21 million Dima was afraid that Olga will be the same…” This decision was greatly upset Olga, the family started a quarrel.

      “Olga told that Dima was unfair – confessed Masha, a friend of the presenter. She tried to explain Tarasov, in signing documents for a mother is not necessary, because they love each other and will never divorce. And their nest will grow the children. Incidentally, it is also one of the reasons of discord – children Tarasov, raising a 7-year-old daughter angelina, she didn’t. Olya also dreamed about the baby… Yes, she’s a career woman, has achieved great heights, but without a child?”

      At the time of signing the numbers friends of the family claimed that His and Tarasov live in different territories. Recently Dima underwent rhinoplasty and complained on instagram that except her no one supported him after the surgery. Olga is also in debt does not remain – a few hours later posted a photo in a wedding dress, signing it: “one day the Angels get… From someone else’s lies, betrayal and pain. From the promises of those that you give, keep that you have not enough will.”

      Olga Buzova for the first time shared his emotions after the breakup with her husband

      Buzova decided to take a timeout – to avoid issues, the girl not answering his phone. She went to work. Starred in four projects for TNT, and also one of the main roles in the film, Kirill Pletnev “Burn!”, where he plays a TV presenter.

      “On the court, we saw Olga without a wedding ring, so it should be for the role, maybe he already has given up on marriage, says technical officer Ilya. – She’s often in tears, so make-up artists have to work over her face to hide the traces. Look at her – so pretty, and crying. It would any married took!”

      Despite the lack of a ring, according to the source “StarHit”, to divorce the star of “House-2” not yet filed. “StarHit” hopes that the couple will stand any test and will again be happy!