Rose Sabitova has published a very personal the

Роза Сябитова обнародовала очень личный снимок “StarHit” looked in the phone host of “let’s get married”. Rose Sabitova demonstrated what secrets are stored in her device, and who watches over her finances and what kind of photos she receives the messengers. IPhone stars we have discovered many interesting things.
Роза Сябитова обнародовала очень личный снимок

Colleagues and friends of Rose Sabitova well known as it is loaded into the working period. In order to do everything and to be able to control all aspects of his life, despite his busy schedule, the celebrity uses a lot of “chips” to your own phone. We looked in the gadget stars and see which apps she uses, with whom, and what keeps on the desktop, hiding from prying eyes.

As it turned out, the finances are the leading watches in the “big Spender”, which helps her to monitor all income and expenses. “Always aware of the situation with cash withdrawals from the account. The children will help, something to buy,” explains Sabitova.

To save time, rose also uses the popular instant messengers. There she is in correspondence with colleagues and family members. A fragment of conversation with celebrity heiress Xenia could see the “StarHit”. “Daughter sent a photo of a new image of Sherlock. I said, “How poor!” And she said, “Mom, he’s smiling!” commented on Sabitova.

Роза Сябитова обнародовала очень личный снимок

Background screensaver for your phone RoAZ Sabitova was chosen carefully with love. Stopped TV presenter on a very sensual and explicit photo that was made by one of the photographers. According to him, every time she sees the portrait, she increases mood and motivation to follow and care for themselves.

“The screensaver mobile has set itself. Did not have the opportunity to look good, and now eyes can’t tear away from the elegant portrait. Says Larisa Guzeeva: “I would come Out for himself married!” And it did not argue. Totally agree!” – said the leader.