A father’s legacy, or Battle for an inheritance

Отцовское наследие, или Битва за наследство My investigation: scandal between the daughter and the widow of the great actor is gaining momentum. Three months ago, became the great Russian actor Alexei Petrenko. His talent was such power, the Directors on set sometimes forgot to give the command “Cut!”, while enjoying the incredible, supernatural game artist.
Отцовское наследие, или Битва за наследство

In the theatre, and especially in movies vertices, taken Petrenko, has achieved one. Look at his Grigori Rasputin in “Agony” by elem Klimov and understand: Alexei Petrenko are all excellent adjectives pale. But what in everyday life? What kind of man, husband, father, grandfather was this man? And the story ends the relationship by his third wife Azimi Abdumuminov and daughter from his first marriage, Polina Petrenko? Another shocking rumble in the division of the inheritance (the apartment in Moscow, two cottages, millions on the Bank account)?

On the death of his father, 54-year-old Pauline, now living with her daughter in Germany, I learned from random people. “Woke up this morning and saw a message from the editor channel “Russia”: “Pauline, I bring you my condolences.” Arriving to the funeral, from an interview in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the 45-year-old widow, Pauline learned that her accused sudden death of his father.

Last attempt to meet and talk with the closest person to her the woman was taken five years ago. But Petrenko, lying in the house with a plastered leg, pushed his own daughter, running after her wooden stool. Polina doubt that Melania the younger daughter Azimi – do not have her sister, angered the artist. After this, in the hope of getting to father Pauline came to me.

“There are all sorts of methods and ways. You can pour anything, drink anything, feed anything. There was a struggle over money, property, position in society,” she said.
Отцовское наследие, или Битва за наследство

Pauline notices that Abdumuminov took advantage of the situation with the patient while actor rubbed his trust, hoping to provide their own four children, three of whom were raised and have raised myself. As Melania – need to do DNA, as legally she never listed his daughter. In turn, some friends Petrenko defending Azeem, telling how much one for Alexei Vasilievich did.

“It was for her child! tenderly Irina Vitorgan. – But, Andrew, a father to all of his women was a kid. For my mother, Galina Petrovna (second wife Petrenko – Approx. “StarHit”), too. So the one that came to skim the cream, to extol it is not necessary”.

Pauline terribly hurt, and when she hears the words of Gulnara Degenbaeva, girlfriend Azimi, trained 136 adopted children, no longer holding back tears.

“For many days after you left Alexei Vasilievich, – said Gulnara – all shout, swear. And I as a mother wanted in the first place to call for peace. Dad loved you, Pauline! When we met, he asked me what I was born, and then said, “I Have a daughter too,’ 62. Her name is Pauline”. Do you remember we ran to my pupil Anastasia, and he smiled and said, “I Have a granddaughter, too, Nastya, she lives in Germany.”