Роза Сябитова впервые показала жениха
The presenter shared a romantic photo with her lover.

Rose Sabitova with the groom Rinat

Photo: Instagram

Rose Sabitova, who announced in early February of this year, will tie the knot this year, showed the fans of the groom Rinat published its joint with the elect, although initially thought not to. Photo was taken during a romantic date on the Mediterranean coast. Beloved TV presenter resides in Cyprus, and rose quite frequently in this country.

Under the TV presenter has published several philosophical lines. “What it means to accept the beloved as he is? — asks the star. For me is not only to accept that I like it, but what we don’t like. And for you”. On the question of subscribers microblog Sabitova the answer is not in a hurry, but note that the man is very handsome and wish rose women’s happiness was immediate.

Recall that the star of the show “let’s get married!” heard long-awaited words, “will You marry me?” in the address, not in the television Studio at the beginning of this year. Sabitova admitted that Rinat has made her an offer and she readily agreed. “Married, apparently, will be released this year. I have received an offer of marriage. The main condition which was put to my companion: I do not show it. He show business has no relation. If he wants to be near me, nobody should not know. He accepted this condition, — said teleshko. — Not yet fully decided whether I will put a stamp in the passport. At my age it is better to choose a guest marriage. I had planned at some time to buy a property abroad. Now not going to buy anything — she is my lover. In the relations I have created good conditions for happiness, joy and pleasure. I worked, bored, wanted to relax, got on a plane and come.”