Роза Сябитова выгнала строителей со своей подмосковной дачи
Main matchmaker of the country itself is going to finish the house.

Photo: Instagram

Build your “family home” rose Sabitova attended two years ago. Host of the show “let’s get married” acquired a large plot near Moscow. All the rules made there Foundation for future home (of course, with the help of builders), gave him a year to “settle”, then to erect a large and high quality mansion, which stood for decades and has become a real home for her family and future generations in the coming time.

But the construction process has made adjustments to the plans of the stars. The deadlines are postponed all the time, the materials have mysteriously disappeared, and the house was not finished. Therefore, Sabitova has made an important decision: she fired the foreman and builders and house plans to build itself with the help of their adult children.

“If you want to do it right, do it yourself — says the proverb — says rose. — What happened to me? I did a massive purge — fired the superintendent, dispersed the builders. Now I’m going to build a frame house and study all phases of construction. What has left my builders? In principle, the whole house is already built. He is already under the roof, we began to insulate — that’s what they had to do. We already have a terrace, balcony. Still a lot of work, but the schedule of our construction site we are on! Russian woman can prove she can not only bear children, but also knows how to build a good house! And the children I help”.

Daughter Xenia Sabitova has appointed his “right hand”. She is responsible for bookkeeping and delivery of building materials. Of son Denis, the presenter did the handyman. The matchmaker put hard work the superintendent, who will bring to life all the ideas of a professional designer, created the interior for the “family nest” Sabitovich.