Стали известны подробности о состоянии Иосифа Кобзона
The actor was urgently hospitalized in a Moscow hospital.

Joseph Kobzon

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

Yesterday, the media appeared contradictory information regarding the hospitalization of Joseph Kobzon. Eyewitnesses claimed that the artist became so bad that doctors had to carry him up to “coach” ambulance in an unconscious state. Spouse Joseph Davidovich Nelly first denied the fact of hospitalization, then confirmed that he is indeed in the hospital, but it is a planned inspection that Kobzon is held every three months.

Experiencing fans, however, remembered that a month ago, the artist was already lying in the hospital, and then his relatives also talked about the planned examination. In the state Duma this time confirmed the emergency hospitalization.

“Really, Joseph was hospitalized, but we are not talking about his critical condition, as reported by some publications” — said “Interfax” a source in the lower house of Parliament.

According to an insider to worry about. Some of the media also appeared information that the constant deterioration of the Joseph Davidovich can be associated with iron deficiency, which arose after the first surgery artist with cancer.

Meanwhile, the telegram channel “112” this morning reported that Kobzon has become worse. He is in intensive care neurosurgery units. His condition is estimated as heavy.

Recall that the diagnosis of “cancer” Kobzon has set back in the early 2000s. the Actor was treated in Germany, he underwent surgery, then a few years later, was followed by another surgery.