Rose Sabitova boasted a luxurious house in the suburbs

Роза Сябитова похвасталась роскошной дачей в Подмосковье The presenter continues to equip the family nest. Rose Sabitova planted a garden the First channel. During the program “a Perfect repair” telezhka admitted that in her new house without a man can not do.
Роза Сябитова похвасталась роскошной дачей в Подмосковье

Rose Sabitova in his 55 years full of energy. She manages to participate in TV projects and shows, to sports and to run the household. Now rose is building the family nest. But teleshko admits that she is difficult to deal with everything related to construction. To help the rose Sabitova came the program “a Perfect repair”.

For the first time the popular experts of the project visited the site of the presenter in the fall of 2016. Then she built an indoor warm gazebo-pavilion. During the construction were used the most modern technology and amazingly vibrant colors — so the designer decided to emphasize the distinctive and outstanding character of the mistress. Rose Sabitova built luxury gazebo with fireplace at the cottage


Over the past six months rose Sabitova performed part of the work: planted trees, built a terrace. But it looks unfinished.


Роза Сябитова похвасталась роскошной дачей в Подмосковье“I still have it ugly, not finished, says about the terrace rose Sabitova. – In front of her my dream is to plant trees, to make a lounge area where you can drink tea. I want to make a garden of the First channel, because I work here. When I’m sad, I’ll look at those trees and remember how lit.”
Роза Сябитова похвасталась роскошной дачей в Подмосковье

Work began with painting the house and terraces, they were painted in one colour with previously constructed a gazebo-pavilion. Imported paint withstands all of the natural stress – heat, rain and cold.

Under the patio area designers have allocated the ground area of 25 square meters. Laid out her tiles. To create tracks took artificial paving stone, which imitates wood.

Роза Сябитова похвасталась роскошной дачей в Подмосковье

While there was work, rose Sabitova confided over tea with a leading “Perfect repair” Natasha Barbier. She admitted that she still needs a man.

I build everything and I understand that no man in the house is not enough. It would be nice to find a such that the construction was related. The owner of a construction company, for example. I’m even willing to care – admitted teleshko. – But I’m not affectionate, I’m Thrifty, punchy”.
Роза Сябитова похвасталась роскошной дачей в Подмосковье

The plot, meanwhile, were mounted lamps. Set them directly in the ground in waterproof boxes. Lamps are durable, can withstand loads up to two tons. They not only give illumination but also to help navigate in the dark. Around patio areas laid turf.

For lighting terraces will serve as lamps in the Oriental style, they called “Baghdad”.

The parcel arrived the trees were a gift to Rose from her colleagues with the First channel. Famous TV presenters chose their favorite plants. Larissa guzeyeva – lilac, from Dmitry Dibrova – elm, Ekaterina Strizhenova gave to rose Sabitova Apple, Vasilisa Volodina chose maple, Andrey Malakhov – the Rowan tree.

The terrace was decorated with basket-ass petunias, pots with automatic irrigation. Indoor mounted new stylish furniture, a comfortable hanging chair that can be learned on the street. There is a patio area appeared wicker furniture made of artificial rattan. Plot Rose Sabitova completely transformed.

“I have no words. Some emotions, what a beauty! Here is an example of how designers transform an ordinary space into a fairytale. The male lead here is not a shame!” said rose Sabitova, arriving at your transformed area.