The actor Sergei Godin attacked in the center of Moscow

На актера Сергея Година совершено нападение в центре Москвы The attackers struck the movie star serious injuries. Sergei Godin was taken to hospital with concussion of a brain and cut wounds of the face. The incident occurred in one of the entertainment venues on the street Myasnitskaya.

Actor Sergei Godin, known to fans for his roles in the films “the best film-2”, “Nasha Russia. Eggs of fate”, “Wolf heart” and others, were attacked by the intruders. After the attack, 30-year-old actor took the help of doctors.

The incident occurred at the restaurant “Chaihona” on Myasnitskaya street in the centre of the capital, where Sergei Godin spent time relaxing after the working week. On the dance floor, the actor accidentally caught one of the visitors of the restaurant.

“He pushed me, I told him, young man, please slow down. Then I was approached by two, warned that it will hit, and threw a glass in the face”, – said Sergei Godin with journalists.

According to the actor, this was followed by another blow. The blood rushed to his face, Godin almost didn’t see anything, it was hard for him to navigate in space.

To help Sergei, the Times rushed his companion. The young man attacked the attackers on the actor from behind, at this point, the attackers rushed him. As told each Time they were knocked down, they fell to the floor, and then arrived the guards of the institution, which brought friends from the hall. Taking advantage of the fuss, the attackers managed to escape.

The emergency was caused by “ambulance”, which took Sergei Godin in the hospital. Doctors diagnosed actor concussions and cut wounds of the face. Hospitalization Sergei Godin refused further treatment and recovery it will take place on an outpatient basis.

Now, almost all the actor’s face is obscured by a bandage, and this circumstance is busy in the shooting of one of the projects Sergey Godin says is the most depressing. It is unlikely he will be able to continue working like this. “In 2 days I need to continue shooting, and I have no idea how to get out, because the project is running, and I was in it for a long time”, – said the artist.

It is known also that during the attack injured one of the visitors of the restaurant. A shard of glass injured the girl shoulder, she, too, needed medical help. It is reported that criminals are now wanted by the police. “I hope the police will bring criminal case and to be compensated for the damage penalty, I can not afford now to let this” – said in an interview REN TV Sergei Godin.