Ronnie wood showed newborn daughters

Ронни Вуд показал новорожденных дочерей

69-year-old guitarist of the rock band The Rolling Stones Ronnie wood for the first time showed their newborn daughters-twins Gracie Jane and Alice rose, who gave birth to 31 may 38-year-old musician’s wife Sally Humphreys< /strong>. The girls weren’t three weeks, when they together with the parents posed for the magazine “Hello!”.

Ронни Вуд показал новорожденных дочерей
“Now I naslazhdayus every moment of my life. I have a beautiful wife, two dolls for the daughter, all I can only dream of. I think, up there, somebody loves me,” said Ronnie in an interview.
The happy father, of course, already played the daughters on the guitar. In addition, Gracie Jane and Alice rose has already managed to get acquainted with a close family friend Mick Jagger.

“Mick came without warning, when my daughters turned three the day. He wanted them to see that I couldn’t take it anymore. I took the girls hands and took pictures with him,” said Ronnie.
Recall that for wood his wife and daughters first. Ronnie also has groslie children from previous marriages: eldest son Jesse ( he is now 39 years old), are born in the marriage with the first wife of rocker Chrissy Findlay, 36-year-old Lea and 30-year-old Tyrone were born in second marriage to Joe. Also Ronnie is 41-year-old stepson Jamie is a native son Joe, who is a musician was raised like a native. Sally became the third wife of the wood. They were married in December 2012 and did not even think, what an adventure lies ahead.

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