Анастасия Меськова рассказала о ссорах с любимым The actress, beloved by audiences for the TV series “Sweet life”, almost lost my lover to your birthday. Anastasia Meskova said that, despite a full understanding, with Alexander once talked for two weeks.

      Анастасия Меськова рассказала о ссорах с любимым

      Anastasiya Meskova is preparing to become a mother for the second time. Star a year ago, announced her engagement with her beloved Alexander. According to the actress, remembered by all for her role in the TV series “Sweet life”, a relationship with a man started with a dramatic event.

      For a long time, Anastasia was friends with Alexander, they met at the birthday party of mutual friends. “But the day of the premiere of the first season of “the Sweet life”, things started to change. I then had a terrible schedule: rehearsal in the theater I ran at the press conference, then back to the theatre – to play a show. Was exhausted so that was seriously injured at the scene and was on crutches. It was at this point Sasha came to the rescue. He immediately took care of everything: it became my personal driver ,helped with the solution of domestic problems, entertained, when I started to be afraid that will remain unclaimed. And so our relationship quickly became family and we decided to live together,” said the actress about the beginning of their romance.

      Alexander supports his beloved in all her endeavors, advises her whether to take on a role or dance party in the theater. He always inspires Melikovoy confidence in their own abilities, is able to soothe in moments when she is very nervous.

      Анастасия Меськова рассказала о ссорах с любимым

      However, like many couples, in the life of Anastasia and Alexandra to be a massive fight. One such conflict almost ended in a breakup. According to Melikovoy, they had a fight on the eve of engagement because of some bullshit and talked for about two weeks. The lovers were able to reconcile only the birthday of the actress.

      “In the evening we go in the car, home, silent, Sasha stops by the bridge where he first kissed me, and my gut clenched, whom came in his throat. Think, what a tragic accident: to end the relationship where it all began. And then he hands me a box, inside a ring with a sapphire and diamonds, here!” I was so stunned that instead of like a normal girl, to say, “Oh Yes!” – staged drama: “how could you! Yes, take your ring! No, give that back!”, – says Anastasia.

      Meskova still don’t know when they with Alexander will officiate. According to star, she has not yet decided what kind of wedding you want: magnificent or modest. Anastasia is preparing for the birth of the child, so all her thoughts are busy buying everything you need for the baby. Her men, the son of Basil and lover, Alexander, happy that very soon their family is waiting for replenishment. Meskova admitted in an interview with Hello!, that the heir to the first sensed she was pregnant. The star of “the Sweet life” Anastasia Meskova is expecting a baby

      “I think this is a happy event happened in our family at just the right time,” said the actress.

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