Renata Litvinova has hinted that she has a man

Рената Литвинова намекнула, что в ее жизни есть мужчина The actress and Director spoke about romantic relationships. The state of mind of Renata Litvinova does not depend on where it is, and with whom. If someone you love, the star feels happy.

      Рената Литвинова намекнула, что в ее жизни есть мужчина

      About my personal life Renata Litvinova prefers not to talk. Actress and Director has made no secret of relationships with the opposite sex, but does not advertise them. So, until now, fans could only wonder if the stars support and an outlet in the form of a strong male shoulder.

      However, Renata, finally, she made a clear allusion to a romantic relationship. In an interview with reporters Litvinov made an unexpected confession. The question of where in the world she feels happiest, the Director has given a definite answer.

      “Not “where” and “who”. Happier of all, I still loved”, – said Litvinov.

      Therefore, the heart of one of the most stylish and talented women in Russian cinema still occupied. The name of the chosen star, most likely, will not be declassified and, if she does not wish to do so.

      However, at the recent Kinotavr in Sochi Litvinova shone alone. The festival opened its arms to many Russian stars. Renata presented at the film forum picture of the poet Joseph Brodsky, “Joseph’s Dreams”, part of the almanac “the Petersburg. Only for love”, for which seven Directors-women have made short films dedicated to the Northern capital.

      We will remind, more recently Litvinov lives in two countries. The Director acquired the property in Paris. In order to be closer to her daughter Uliana, who is studying in France, the star bought the luxury apartment in one of the most romantic capitals of Europe. Apartment, overlooking the Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, was to become his mistress. For the sake of new life, the actress got into debt, but she has no regrets about his decision.

      Renata Litvinova told about the happy life in Paris

      “I come here every time with admiration, spoke about his apartment Renata. In my opinion, is a masterpiece of design – how it is done, as played out in the space in the back room at odds on two floors. She’s like a hidden gem inside a building of the seventeenth century. You know, I’m leaving her. I do not release certain forces, like they have long waited for me, bored and now wait.”

      By the way, Litvinova prefers to relax alone. “This is therapeutic”, she said in an interview, “Condé Nast Traveller”.

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