Ronaldo wants to get back to Irina Shayk

Роналду мечтает вернуться к Ирине Шейк According to rumors, the player regret parting with the model. This was stated by a source close to Cristiano Ronaldo. In the words of another athlete, he continues to be interested in the life of Irina Shayk and even jealous of her current choice Bradley Cooper.

33-year-old striker Madrid “real” Cristiano Ronaldo is Dating 23-year-old Georgina Rodriguez. In November last year, the footballer for the fourth time became the father – bride gave his daughter to Alan Martin. It seems that Georgina and Cristiano are perfect for each other. However, as it turned out, Ronaldo is dreaming of reuniting with ex-lover, 32-year-old model Irina Shayk. The couple broke up three years ago.

As reported by foreign journalists, Ronaldo continues to follow the life Shake and even jealous of her relationship with Bradley Cooper. With this statement made by the other player.

“He regrets how things ended and is still interested in her life. He never thought that Irina will leave him” – quoted in the media insider.

According to correspondents, Shake, decided to break with Ronaldo, because I dreamed about the baby. However, the player at the time didn’t plan again to become a father. Cristiano was completely focused on his career. However, according to others, Irina broke up with her lover for another reason. There is information about the fact that Ronaldo supposedly not very faithful and unfaithful lover with dozens of girls. At some point the patience of Irina burst.

“My ideal man is honest, loyal and is a gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. I don’t believe in a man who makes me miserable. I believe such boys, not men. I thought I found my ideal, but it turned out that this is not so,” said the star of the catwalk in an interview.

In addition, Irina has added that “every woman feels ugly when next to her is not the man”. According to the model, she is familiar with such feelings. Other details of his personal life beauty preferred not to share. According to some reports, Shayk signed with Ronaldo’s contract forbidding her to talk about the relationship with the athlete.

Now Irina Shayk is Dating actor Bradley Cooper. A pair of very reluctantly talks about his novel. According to rumors, the couple has played a secret wedding, but this is not known. Last spring, the model gave the artist the daughter of Leah. In March, Bradley and Irene celebrated the birthday girl. Celebrity have arranged a fun home party where you gathered your nearest and dearest. Cooper tried on a plush dog costume and Shake painted face cat muzzle. Rumor has it that Irina was planning to have another baby, but the star did not respond to the speculation of the public.