Ivan Zhidkova cursed for what he put his daughter’s life danger

Ивана Жидкова обругали за то, что он подверг жизнь дочери опасности The actor allowed the child to jump from a height. In the microblog Ivan Zhidkova appeared a picture in which his fiancee Lily and daughter Masha are flying bungee. Followers believe that the former spouse Tatyana Arntgolts in vain did so.

Ivan Zhidkov went to Sochi a few days ago. The actor took the entire family: the darling Lily, son and step daughter Mary. The heiress of the artist’s great with his lover, and Tatiana Arntgolts not opposed to a little girl spent a lot of time with his father.

As entertainment Masha and Lilya jumped from a height. The picture shows that they hold the special cables. “I didn’t jump, I’m a fool or something, into the abyss with a rope. But the girls ride on the tallest rock in the world is 170 feet tall and three seconds of free fall. Lily came back gray and without milk, Mary is five years older. I told them not necessary. Well, seriously, I don’t really like extreme, although I understand that girls experienced probably the greatest emotions in life, you should have seen them. For those who love vergemoli, I think it’s one of the best places on the planet,” said Zhidkov.

Lily admitted that left in awe of such a jump. According to her, she would love to repeat it. Followers of Ivan wondered how his ex-wife could assume that their daughter will jump with another woman. “Well this is how you have to be so stupid to go on this ride together with your child? And what’s courage? It is irresponsible… And for a moment, imagine the rope cut off, and they die”, “Why take the risk and allow this? And Leela, and daughter, the more”, “How Tanya can trust the daughter of a foreign woman?! I don’t understand! Or she just doesn’t know what Lily is capable of”, – discussed a picture subscribers Zhidkova.

Tatyana Arntgolts has repeatedly said that she did not object to Mary spent a lot of time with dad. When the actress busy schedule, she is unable to communicate a lot with my daughter. Tatiana is proud of the success of the child and is glad that the girl will not pursue an acting dynasty. “Mary is not asked to write it in the theatre, says he wants to be an actress. She’s growing up a normal kid, studying in a regular school, attends it with pleasure. They have a good class. I am glad that, for all its sociability daughter in something shy. In my opinion, the younger generation lack this quality,” said the actress.