Романец сделала татуировку с именем Гусева She noted that the drawing is very like her chosen one. However, the pictures in the microblog romanet it is difficult to understand what place she stuffed the inscription. According to Victoria, the whole procedure took place in two stages.

      Романец сделала татуировку с именем Гусева

      Within a month of tense conversations around the Roman Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev. Former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” has previously crossed paths at some events, but closely did not communicate. Says spectacular girl, they started Dating Anton and only after he had already filed for divorce with his wife Eugenia Feofilaktova.

      Judging by the posts romanet in social networks, she is very happy with her new boyfriend. They live together in a country house and are preparing to celebrate the New year. For Gusev the girl decided on a desperate act: she stuffed a tattoo. According to her, the procedure took place in two stages.

      “Each tattoo symbolizes a certain stage in my life, so I take this very seriously. I did only the first letter “A”, to see how it will look. Well, when I began a relationship with Anton, then finished off another inscription – the name of her lover,” admitted Vic.

      Romanet mentioned that the Gusev has no tattoos, but he liked her image. The girl set up very seriously against the chosen one. Victoria prepares beloved man every day presents surprises and no claim to his money. According to Romanets, it can itself provide. “I don’t look Anton in the wallet, I don’t know how much money is on his card, I don’t care. First and foremost I pay attention to life values and human qualities,” – said romanet magazine “the House-2”.

      By the way, Gusev believes that his family fell apart because of his wife. According to him, the relationship between him and Eugenia Feofilaktova have not flagged. As admitted Anton “StarHit”, he was unhappy with his wife. “We have not lived together for several months. My soul is now a contradiction – I’m not happy about the divorce, but not distressed. I began to understand that Jack is not designed for families. Even when our son was born, we were assistants, nannies. I already think that even a little love from Eugene to himself, I have not seen,” – said Gusev.