Айза Анохина с мужем и детьми покинула Москву The family of a businesswoman went to Bali, which they consider their home. ISA Anokhin, has long wanted to warm up by the ocean, on the eve of the New year fulfilled his dream. According to star, her youngest son Elvis, who is not yet three months is well-tolerated long flight and behaved just perfect.

      Businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina, last wife of rapper Guf, today, happy in her new family. She has a loving husband Dmitry Anokhin, two sons, the youngest of whom, Elvis no more than three months.

      The other day a friendly family left the capital and went to the island of Bali, which they consider their home. It should be noted that this departure ISA Anokhina waited with great impatience, she wanted to hurry to finish in Moscow on all matters associated with business and heading to a warm ocean. And in the New year’s eve could find yourself in most of this exotic tale. By the way, according to ISA, a long journey of nearly a day is well-tolerated both of her sons – six-year-old Sam and Elvis, who on 3 January will be only three months.

      “Our neighbors, the aircraft was expressed to me their admiration for the children. Kids even it was not audible. We played, slept and ate. Nothing, no one was sick, not laid and not bothered. However, I was afraid of flying so I thought I’d die, it reached from a broken heart. Oh, those Mama hormones. But overcame the fear and prevent panic, because I watched my kids” – shared ISA Anokhina subscribers of his microblog.

      Finding himself at the end of December, in a heavenly place, the family are enjoying the warm weather and nature in Bali. Six year old Sam with a fun swim in the pool at the house, and little Elvis’s parents have already managed to meet with the ocean. Dmitry Anokhin wet feet son salt water. Probably when the kid grows up, buy him surfing, and he and his father will ride the wave.

      We will remind, Svetlana Anokhina moved to live in Bali in the end of last year, almost immediately after the wedding does Anaheim. To change domicile businesswoman had because of fears for his life. In recognition of ISA, in Moscow, she felt very bad. Bustle and busy life of the big city, not a very comfortable climate of the capital had a negative impact on the health of a 32-year-old woman. ISA Dolmatova: “Before moving to Bali I thought that I will die!”

      ISA Anokhin together with family for a few months he returned to Russia, where in a short time managed to do very much. Immediately after the birth of her son Elvis, a young mother involved in the work, opened his own salon, took part in photo shoots, appeared on various programs, and now enjoys a well-deserved vacation in Paradise.