За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц “StarHit” remember those who are not able to refuse expensive gifts. Spectacular representatives of show business received flowers, cars, accommodation and much more that is able to present not everyone.

      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      Many fans of celebrities think that not only diamonds are a girls best friend, but also cars, travel abroad, huge bouquets of flowers and even a country house. “StarHit” examined the accounts of stars in social networks and ranked the most expensive and unusual gifts from suitors.

      Eugene Feofilaktova

      In late November, the former participant of “House-2” has announced the divorce with her husband Anton Gusev. It would seem that now the young woman needs to worry, to get depressed, but no! Immediately after a break-up “Instagram” star beauty started to fill unexpected photos. That’s Eugene in the arms of a huge bear, but among the bouquets of roses that filled the whole room. Each picture is accompanied enthusiastic signature: “I Wish every girl so many roses that the room had nowhere to step,” “I happy!” or “Where to take so many vases?”.

      Anton Gusev about the ex-wife: “Jack is not created for the family”

      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      Fans, meanwhile, guess who is showering Eugene Feofilaktova flowers. One is a man or maybe a few? Revealed a secret boyfriend Eugene itself. The girl said that this is a very wealthy young man, however personally it is not familiar with it. While secret admirer is not just to give the girl the flowers and decorations, but even assigned a personal guard and driver. Face and name boyfriend Feofilaktova does not disclose, and “Instagram” puts pictures of the beloved men – four year-old son Daniel.


      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      Socialite and former popular TV presenter and only time that receive gifts from his wealthy admirers. In the list of trophies star beauties, except for huge bouquets of flowers, soft toys and delicious gifts, there are luxurious, really expensive gifts. For example, new car and € 400, which she won in mysterious ways from two different fans.

      The story of the car is very exciting. Microblogging in Borisov said, as she got a luxurious gift, but many considered it a fiction. However, This version, a fan has set up an accident in which he was responsible. Thus he became acquainted with the star personally and offered to drive her to the insurance company. Instead, the man and woman got to the dealership, where purchased for The new car. The second story with a tidy sum of 400 euros, if you believe the stories Borisova, occurred last summer on the eve of her 40th birthday. Surprise was also a great surprise for her.

      “Sitting in line at the Bank. German fan with the experience sent 400 euros as a gift on birthday. Nice. Thank you” – Dana wrote on his page in the social network.


      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      Famous dancer never ceases to amaze its followers not only a first-class twine, and unbelievable gifts from fans. Almost every day on her pages in social networks appear pictures of gorgeous bouquets of flowers. Mostly white roses, ballerina who loves. Meet gifts and much more expensive.

      For example, a Maybach car worth 10 million rubles with the numbers “777” or a brand new mobile phone with Swarovski crystals. Subscribers Anastasia Volochkova usually pleased for her, commenting on pictures: “gorgeous girl should be!”. Later, the celebrity had separately to explain yourself to detractors.

      “My dear. Well, you already calm down about given to me a Pearl of a Maybach (and the sea of white roses and many gifts, which I don’t have to report)! I deserve and have earned! The good people behind me will certainly rejoice! And the detractors bite your elbows and heels, if reach. To reach — need twine Volochkova, as it is a long labor!”


      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      26-year-old star of “House-2” at the time surprised the audience of the project is very expensive gift from a fan is a car brand “BMW”. Appeared present in the period of its location on the famous telestroke. The glamorous brunette instantly got a lot of negative comments. Critics asserted that just because such gifts do not receive. Besides, Victoria was convicted for attempting to build a relationship with the unknown outside the perimeter.

      Vic Romanets: “I’m not chasing millionaires”

      Victoria herself did not at first respond to the obvious provocations, and only one explained that texting and social media a secret admirer, but reciprocate he did not answer. Attacks participants only intensified, and then the girl admitted that the gift had given her a very wealthy young man, a friend of her friend. Supposedly a friend introduced them a few months ago, they sat in a cafe and they never saw each other. “Apparently, her boyfriend just wanted to change the car and not to sell it, gave it to me as a gift,” added Victoria.

      Elina Kamiren

      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      My two years daughter Elina and Alexander Cameren Zadoinov noted on a large scale, with a budget of half a million rubles. Gave the young traitor is such a feast unknown boyfriend of her mom. Just a birthday party at Aleksandra, who gathered about 50 guests, and it took place in an Italian restaurant, located in one of the shopping centers of Moscow.

      The celebration involved the best animators of the city, which gave the little Princess a true tale. This turn was a surprise not only for the guests of the celebration, but for most, Elina. A few days before the baby shower she was contacted from the institution informing that an unknown man has made 500 thousand roubles for the birth of her daughter. Then wrote a text message and himself a secret benefactor. The message said, that it was a gift for her daughter. Elina talking about the identity of the boyfriend of the responses received. He wrote only that Kamiren she finds out, when the time comes.

      Yulia Mikhalkov

      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      After in 2009, Julia became a member of popular comic project “Ural dumplings”, she literally has no time to fend off obsessive fans. Does not bother the Boyfriends and the fact that girls have a favorite young man. However, luxury gifts from secret admirers continue to appear.

      The most expensive gift was bag Birkin bag costs several million rubles. Gave her of the unknown man via courier. After opening the box, Julia was stunned. Bag made of real crocodile leather, and its main ornament – the precious stone of emerald color. Realizing how valuable this gift, Mikhalkov decided that I should give it up. However, the courier reported that this is impossible, since the return address of the sender is unknown.

      “The phone rang at the intercom: “Hello, Julia. It’s a courier delivery, please open the door.” I thought it was a prank, because I didn’t order anything. But still decided to check, − shares with “StarHit” Mikhalkov. − Opened, took the box, signed the form. Inside lay a gorgeous bag “Birkin bag” of crocodile skin jewel of my beloved emerald green. It was a shock! Found the note but no name, no surname, but only: “I Hope this gift you’ll like it! Smile.” Tried to question the company that made the delivery, there I a person’s name is not revealed”.


      За красивые глазки: как богатые ухажеры задаривают звездных красавиц

      Socialite, writer and owner of the franchise network studios manicure showing off her fans not only crazy hairstyles, but also expensive gifts. The most popular gift for Lena is jewelry with precious stones. The woman strongly emphasized that appreciates it and can not live without luxurious jewelry. However, does not deny that could chic home or a cosy apartment.

      Do socialite gifts not only secret Boyfriends, but also from the world of show business. For example, Prokhor Chaliapin in honor of the 10th anniversary of their friendship gave Lena a gorgeous ring with a huge ruby, diamond and sapphire. It happened quite recently – in late November 2016. Lenas great pleasure that boasted gift.

      Agnia Ditkovskite

      28-year-old actress and former wife of the famous actor Alexey Chadova has always attracted the attention of men with her appearance and talent. Many fans give the girl not only. However, it is difficult to say which gifts are real and which are fictional. For example, rumor has it that one day the actress donated a helicopter worth $50 thousand, however, allegedly because of the inability to drive the air ship she had to abandon it.

      Alexey Chadov: “my son stand face control”

      The second amazing hearing took place quite recently, in October 2016, as the billionaire who, according to the journalists, gave Agnes and her family country house. The actress did not respond to such messages, leaving the public in ignorance.