Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugov reunited for the sake of the child

Ольга Ветер и Глеб Жемчугов воссоединились ради ребенка Eks-participants “Houses-2” I had to meet. According to Olga, they met up with Gleb on the case. Former elected officials chose for her son Misha’s kindergarten. However, Wind has no plans to reconcile with her husband.

      Ольга Ветер и Глеб Жемчугов воссоединились ради ребенка

      Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugov finally made the decision to divorce. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” and her ex-boyfriend terminated the marriage at the end of January. However, they managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of the child. Despite the fact that the man really wanted to restore the peace in the family, Olga has not changed its decision.

      The wind has informed that a meeting with Hemogobin was purely business. Ex-husband helped her to choose a preschool for a child.

      “Today we with Gleb went to nurseries and chose one paid to Misha. So soon I will fly to his pie to pick it up. Thank you to mommy, who helped me, and you, my dear, for a tremendous amount of support. With the glib we were in a good relationship,” wrote the Wind on his page in the social network.

      Fans believe that Olga is doing everything correctly because it requires a completely different man. In the comments to the post they are trying to give her advice. “Don’t step on the same rake”, “This is the right decision. Like Gleb, I just need to break up,” “Happy for you, Olya! You can do better. Happiness to you”, “Wise girl, I am glad that I took up with Gleb,” – wrote the followers of the winner of the show “man of the year”.

      Recall that a few days ago, Pearls have once again left the telestroke. Perhaps the man was desperate to find happiness within the framework of the project. He is very sorry that a few months ago, his behavior has brought them to Olga before parting. Pre-new year rush Hleb had a stronger sense his loneliness. “When you realize that Olga the Wind you will make a wish. When the first matinee of the son has passed without you. When the notion of a family holiday – a knife in the heart, salt in the wound,” said the former participant “Houses-2”.

      In order not to think about a failed family life, Pearls have devoted themselves to creativity. He happy followers “Instagram” short video in which rapping. Some songs dedicated to suffering for the departed love.