Павел Прилучный и Агата Муцениеце празднуют пополнение в семье The actors fulfilled the dream of the son, and gave him a charming pet. Timothy was overjoyed when I saw a small kitten. Fans of the star couple are hoping that it would be easy to find a common language with other pet Priluchnogo and muceniece.

      Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny began to celebrate the New year. The artists brought to the house of Santa Claus. A good magician asked a son stars Timothy to read the poem. The boy complied with the request fantastic character.

      “Well done. In the next year to every day helped my mom and grandma… Let’s vow that you’re good,” he praised Santa Claus son of actors.

      After that, the magician brought a bag of gifts, which the boy found a small fluffy kitten of breed the Scottish fold. Santa told the child to care for a pet. “You behave badly, take it from you”, – told fairy tale character before leaving.

      Agata muceniece filmed this process on video and shared a cute video with subscribers of your YouTube channel. Fans of the actress and her husband were delighted with what happened, and thanked her for her funny edition video blog. “Smile, wonderful family,” “Thank you, that makes us happy”, “simple”, “happy”, “Timothy is a very positive boy,” “the Real” – is discussed by the users of social networks.

      Recall that in Agatha muceniece and her husband Paul Priluchnogo also lives fighting dog. Staffordshire Terrier peach color named valley is courteous and friendly. In an interview, the actor talked about the fact that my son enjoys playing with the pet, and allows himself to wag his ears. Priluchny also admitted that always wanted to have a serious dog, who would become a reliable defender for his close people.

      Previously the family lived Priluchnogo Chihuahua named benny. However, the actors were forced to give the dog one of her friends, Agatha. As it turned out, the dog is not able to accept the fact that the artists had a baby. Benny was jealous of the owners to Timothy and growled at the boy and even could bite him. The behavior of the pet is seriously concerned Priluchnogo and muceniece, so they had to say goodbye to the animals.

      We also recall that in March this year, Agata muceniece became a mother for the second time. The star of “the Closed school” gave her husband a charming daughter who was named MIA. Until recently, the stars prefer to hide the girl’s face from the public, but not so long ago the couple decided to declassify it.