Том Хенкс помогает сыну воспитывать ребёнка

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks is known for his kindness, it is not surprising that he participates in the education and maintenance of her granddaughter. As it became known in the beginning of the month, Chet Hanks, son of Tom, became a father. It happened at the beginning of the year, but it has become known only now. The child’s mother is a kind of Tiffany miles, with which Chet met for a short time.

The girl’s parents do not live instead, but even takes an active part in the life of the daughter. In addition, as reported by friends, the child completely changed the life of a once-clueless young man. Parents of the Couple are very excited, as excited and the fact that they now have a little granddaughter.
About Tom involved in your baby’s life told grandmother Tiffany.
“He very much helps very much. I have no other comment,” said Diane Owens. By the way, and Tiffany, and her daughter, and her mother now live together Diane.
Recall that Tom and Rita already made an official statement, welcoming a new family member.
“Tom and Rita are doing everything to make sure that they are in the life of her granddaughter..
Chet will always be their child, and of course, his daughter is an important part of their family. Their relationship with his son is much improved, especially since Chet became a father. Now he’s learned a lot,” said the insider.