Роман Тэйлор Свифт развивается с ошеломляющей скоростью
The singer has already introduced new boyfriend’s parents!

Роман Тэйлор Свифт развивается с ошеломляющей скоростью

Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston with mom

Photo: Instagram.com

Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston

Photo: Instagram.com

This in
relationship history Taylor swift, who for 26 years had to change a lot
friends, not yet. The singer managed to introduce a new boyfriend, Tom
Of hiddleston, which, she claims, meets just two weeks, his
parents. Moreover, he has already managed to introduce swift with my mom! About
it reported the online edition of Daily mail.

For a start
they visited parents swift — in Nashville, the city where she grew up. Throughout
likely, That has made parents the singer’s father Scott and mother Andrea is a most favorable impression. In any
case, taken by the paparazzi pictures, all the members of the company in tobecause
a local restaurant, looked very happy. Tom spent a few Neville
days, having not yet time to meet the parents of his beloved.

And then a swift and
Hiddleston visited the mother of the actor. And they, incidentally, had
to fly to the UK, specifically in Suffolk, where the house of the mother Volume —
Diana. Since both Tom and Taylor are busy people, they managed to visit
24 hours.

they have time for these days are many: to begin with, dined at the hospitable home of the mother Tom. And then, taken by Hiddleston hire “Jaguar” pokolesit on
neighborhood and he showed Taylor your favorite places. In order to meet
such a short time, the lovers, of course, traveled by private jet.
Moreover, not alone, but accompanied by a whole squad of bodyguards of the singer,
consisting of 5 people.

Incidentally, when appearing
everywhere two gentle lovers who didn’t even try to hide their feelings
to each other, no one would have thought that they started Dating less
than two weeks ago! And, it’s worth noting that not all believe the claims swift,
though their romance began only in mid-June. That ex-boyfriend Taylor,
Calvin Harris, apparently, suspected that the love story it Taylor Tom began much earlier — at least
in early may, when the couple first
photographed dancing together. And
when you consider that with Calvin swift have officially parted only at the beginning of June,
it turns out that she was cheating on Harris…

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