Александр Домогаров получил роль в фильме своего сына
Russian film for the first time will work with his 27-year-old heir.

Александр Домогаров получил роль в фильме своего сына

Alexander Domogarov

Photo: Instagram.com

Alexander Domogarov Jr.

Photo: personastars.com

Very soon in the Crimea will begin an annual festival Artek — “Scarlet Sails”. This year one of the special guests was Alexander Domogarov, who first decided to come along with his 27-year-old son. By the way, as it became known, the Russian actor will not only mentor one of the squad of kids, and will participate in work on a short film of Alexander Domogarova Jr., who wants to associate his career with directing.

Incidentally, Alexander the upcoming trip is a great opportunity to spend time with my son. Because of the busy schedule he was not often able to be alone with him. It is planned that two Alexander will combine business with pleasure and, in between working with the squad, will gain strength and to restore health.

By the way, Domogarov Jr. and he leads a very busy life. After he received acting training at drama school, Alexander entered the Higher courses of scriptwriters and film Directors in the workshop of Vladimir Khotinenko. Before entering, of course, consulted with my parents, my mom was just approved, and the Pope even praised. And joking, which is great if a family will have its own Director. Now dad is constantly teasing me: “Sasha, when the big film starts, I’m even in episodic?” The first steps in this direction will be made soon, and it is possible that after some time, Alexander will star in the feature directorial work of his son.

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