Мария Шарапова стала студенткой Гарвардского университета Star, barred from professional sports because of the use of Meldonium, decided to concentrate on education. Famous Russian woman enrolled in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, at Harvard University. Apparently, Sharapova believes that the knowledge she will need to expand their own business.

      Мария Шарапова стала студенткой Гарвардского университета

      29-year-old tennis player, former first racket of the world Maria Sharapova has been one of the most prestigious universities of America, which is included in the ivy League. Athlete successfully passed entrance examinations and became a student of Harvard University, famous for its strict selection procedure consisting of several steps.

      That now Sharapova will again have to sit at the Desk and begin to gnaw granite science, the woman announced herself on the social network Facebook. This post she has supplied the photo on the background of signs of one of the divisions of the University — the so-called Harvard business school. In the picture, Sharapova smiles broadly and, apparently, very happy.

      “I don’t know how it happened, but Hey, Harvard! Can’t wait to start training,” the post Mary did on social media.

      Details about what kind of program did Sharapova, is still unknown, but most likely, the star will reveal them in the near future. If Maria became a student at Harvard business school, she is likely to study for a master’s programme in business administration also known as MBA. As a rule, students of this course, successful executives with serious work experience. In order to be enrolled for MBA, you must write a motivation letter, send your resume and results of special tests, and then wait for a response from the admissions Committee. In case of a positive decision the applicant is invited to have an oral interview on campus — is the final challenge.

      We will remind that Sharapova has own business quite successful production of chocolates under the brand “Sugarpova,” which, according to her agent max Eisenbud, she plans to do after his sports career. At the moment Sharapova’s products are sold in 30 countries around the world, but Maria is not going to stop there. The celebrity edition is not only sweet but also clothing and home goods. According to some estimates, by 2018, the revenue of the company of Mary will be 20 million dollars.

      Doping scandal: who will take the work of Maria Sharapova?

      By the way, earlier in the interview, Maria told me that he plans to enroll in a foreign University. She said she would like to study design or in London or business in the United States.

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