Николас Кейдж объявил о разводе с женой-азиаткой The marriage of Hollywood stars with the former waitress lasted eleven years. Nicolas cage and Alice Kim broke up at the beginning of this year. The information that they are no longer together, became public knowledge only yesterday.

      Николас Кейдж объявил о разводе с женой-азиаткой

      Oscar-winning actor Nicolas cage is again free from family ties. The marriage of celebrity with a girl with Asian roots named Alice Kim terminated. The couple separated after eleven years of marriage, during which was born their only son Kal-El. The boy is ten years.

      According to People magazine, divorced Nicolas cage and Alice Kim in February of this year. However, the pair was in no hurry to make public is not a very pleasant one for both event in your personal life. And that’s just on the eve of the representative of the Hollywood stars are officially confirmed to reporters that Nicholas and Alice not anymore.

      It should be noted that the marriage of the cage with a simple girl held out by the standards of Hollywood for a long time. All eleven years, the pair was considered to be one of the strongest of those that create Hollywood stars. Meanwhile, the Union, was considered one of the most unequal. The large difference in age of spouses is cage older than his wife for twenty years, belonging to different social strata – he’s a celebrity, she’s a simple waitress, all this let spiteful critics say that this misalignment will not last long. They were wrong, because 52-year-old eleven-year-old Nicolas cage marriage Alice Kim was an absolute record.

      Two of his family unit that the actor made before meeting with the Korean, lasted for several months. Earlier, the famous actor was married to the famous and successful beauty Lisa Maria Presley and Patricii Arquette.

      Met the famous Hollywood heartthrob and the waitress from one of the Asian restaurants Los Angeles work from Alice. Modest girl drew the attention of cage, who once went to dine in the establishment. Youth Alice, her social standing and nationality Nicholas felt perfect for his future wife and after some time made Alice an offer.

      It is worth noting that Nicolas cage is not only a father but also a grandfather. In the summer of 2014 was the illegitimate son of actor Weston gave him a grandchild. Nicolas cage was born first grandchild

      A boy named Lucian August Copolla cage in memory of a pedigree of the family. Nicolas cage is the third generation of the family Coppola. The famous film Director Francis Ford Coppola, his uncle.


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