Roman Gritsenko did Olga Buzova unusual gift

Роман Гриценко сделал Ольге Бузовой необычный подарок
Olga Buzova continues to produce hits. Many wonder who is the “puncher” imperishable works?

Роман Гриценко сделал Ольге Бузовой необычный подарок

It is known that there are several authors, they are not well known and sell their songs not only Olga, but also less popular persons.

But as it turned out, not always for the song you have to pay. Home-2 has another songwriter Buzova. This time they were not surrendering the boyfriend star Roman Gritsenko, who decided to give Ola a birthday song of his own composition:

“Oli was a birthday, and I’ve been thinking what to get her. Like everyone else, I know she has almost everything and found that to be a gift made with your own hands. I decided to write her a song. We sat down with the boys and wrote a song about the most touching moments of our video history. On Calvary she made contact, and I sang… the Guys helped me, for which they thank you. Oli reaction was generally positive. After certain events between us just got a chill, but her last response to me like She was smiling, and that means – surprise. In the end Olga said, “I Miss all the guys, see the Marina and rum, and there’s my Rum!”. It made me very happy. I believe that the situation is getting better and not going to give up”.

Fans listening to the song, said that if the text a little to improve and remodel to female fashion, it would fit perfectly for the performance by Olya at concerts. Well, to give the song that Buzova can get a copyright, it would be quite generous.

While the video of a new song appeared, I suggest to see other performances by the stars:

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