Rapper the ILO became a father for the first time

Рэпер Мот стал отцом в первый раз The contractor notes the addition to the family. Spouse Mota Maria Melnikova gave him a lovely baby. Happy parents receive numerous congratulations from friends and relatives. Fans of Mota, too, wish his kid all the best.
Рэпер Мот стал отцом в первый раз

27-year-old Matvey Melnikov, better known as the rapper of the ILO, celebrates the completion of the family. Wife artist Maria bore him a son. Apparently, now a young mother feels fine and is recovering after the happy event. The actor shared the news with all the fans in the microblog.

“Now we have a full set and a full family. Thank you for your son, my best wife and beloved mother,” wrote Matthew in a social network.

Maria too, could not restrain emotions, and published a touching appeal to the spouse.

“This is the happiest day in our life – 22.01.18! Welcome to the family, son! We’re madly in love. Beloved, you are our hero! So supportive, so helpful. Best dad, love.” – written by the wife of a musician.

Fans of Mota congratulate him on the advent of the firstborn, and I wish the baby grow up healthy and happy. According to many, the actor and his wife will be great parents. “Congratulations. A long, long life and good health to the baby”, “Let the child grow healthy and strong!”, “Oh, boy, congratulations from the heart,” wrote a follower.

That Matthew and Mary are preparing for an important event, it became known in October last year. Then the rapper presented a heartfelt video for the song “When will disappear in the word”, which was shot in Greece, in the ancient monasteries of Meteora. In the movie starring the artist’s wife. At the end of the video she demonstrated markedly rounded belly. According to the girl, she was extremely nervous before the premiere.

“Full of emotions, his hands still shaking. In my head so many words… The very first you, my soul. Mother, you are our source of love and inspiration! Your love, care and support is the most valuable! You’re the best husband, and now you every day to prove that you’ll be a better father. The main thing that can give man his family – peace of mind, harmony and confidence in every new day, and I feel it every second of life!” – I said to Maria.

Fiancee Mota also thanked the subscribers for their kind words and wishes. In turn, the ILO noted that it is time to tell about the new addition to the family. “The song of the oath I gave this year to the heavens. Clip – a secret we’ve been hiding,” – said the rapper.

Matvey Melnikov met his future wife thanks to social networks. The contractor liked the Mary page on Instagram. Soon the young people began to correspond. The first meeting of the future spouses took place when Maria arrived to the girlfriend, who lives in Moscow. After graduation, she moved to the capital. When the couple were on vacation in Thailand, the actor proposed to her.

In August of 2016 Mary and Matthew had legalized relationships in one of capital registry offices. Lovers have decided not to bother about the appearance, came to painting in jeans and t-shirts. In the spring of next year, the pair were married, and then staged a lavish wedding, where they collected all their friends. Among them was the by T-killah, Dmitry Tarasov and Yegor creed.