Роксана Бабаян объяснила, почему не родила Михаилу Державину детей The singer visited the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. People’s artist told the broadcaster, what do you remember about her famous husband. Mikhail Mikhailovich was 81 years old.

Michael Derzhavin and Roksana Babayan have been married for almost 40 years. As recognized by the woman, her husband had a premonition of the imminent care. Roksana rubenovna until the last days was next to the famous husband.

The Studio program “the Destiny of man,” the singer told TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov about the difficulties of family life people’s artist of the RSFSR and how bade him farewell.

“Mikhail Mikhailovich for a long time and was seriously ill. He suffered very much lately, but was the favorite of all physicians. With him any of the physician was a romantic story. Every doctor tried to raise a leg and give it to another. Just here all gathered in a single node: cardiovascular disease, he had high blood pressure… each person has a life stage and then the Lord calls. He is a spiritual man, we did everything right, as it should be in the Christian faith. He calmly and freely left it all so loved,” said Roksana rubenovna.

The singer remembered that Mikhail Mikhailovich fell in love with her at first sight, when I saw her on the plane – a group of artists came back from a tour. He only heard her voice on the radio. In real life, a fragile girl with Oriental looks have won him over immediately. Despite the fact that Derzhavin was married for the second time, Nina Semyonovna Budennoy, and the couple grew up the daughter of Mary. Roksana rubenovna was also proprietary – married with the people’s artist of the USSR Constantine Orbelyan. But in spite of circumstances Derzhavin and Babayan still decided to be together.

“My relationship with Constantine has been on the decline, the marriage was more for cover. The situation was absolutely balanced. This great patience is diplomacy, support. We got divorced in a month. The wife of Mikhail Mikhailovich was also ready to divorce. We have not done anyone anything wrong. We’re not traumatized, we did it with God’s help,” said the singer.

All his life Mikhail and Roksana rubenovna lived in a small apartment on the Arbat. The singer admitted that he never wanted to move to a more spacious apartment, and for the folk artist, these walls were very expensive. “I know, what country. Next to us was the Vakhtangov theatre, the husband there all local, Arbatskaya knew. And there’s just formed a kinship. Arbat theatre…” – said Babayan.

According to the widow of Derzhavin, his health was thoroughly undermined by heavy tours, the flights, the cold halls, many hours of performances. Being sick, Mikhail Mikhailovich always went on stage. “And the actors – what’s that? Train, hungry, ice scenes. Then sit for days at the airport, and given his chronic hypertension, he suffered. The performances, of course, not canceled,” – said Babayan.

The singer shared that the sole heir of Mikhail Mikhailovich – Maria Budennoy – she had warm and friendly relations. “Manya is a part of my soul. First, she has a terrific husband, Peter, and secondly, the grandchildren of Peter and Pavel. They’re my family, we always had a very organic existence. Masha is not only beautiful, but clever,” said Roksana rubenovna.

Babayan explained why she couldn’t give Mikhail Mikhailov children. In her confession, work and age have played a key role. “We have so happened, after all we are adults we met, not 18-year-old. It was necessary to transform the life, a lot of problems to solve. Mikhail Mikhailovich worked, took care of elderly mother. He was the only man in the family always. Father died early. He has two beautiful sisters”, – told Babban.

In the 80-ies of the Derzhavin and Babayan converted to Christianity and married. Roksana rubenovna said that she was the initiator of the ceremony. “I offered him, and he immediately agreed. The baptism was attended at home, there mother, and all relatives were. He was a man of very. I did not persuade, not to persuade”, – said the singer…

The artist remembered the words said to the beloved wife, when they went to go to the hospital, not knowing that this pair of phrases will be the last.

«Bear! Everything will be fine, come on, let’s go!”– said people’s artist of Russia.

At the end of the program Roksana rubenovna told the broadcaster that gives her the strength to live after the departure of Mikhail. “If we talk about the fine things which we cannot comprehend… As for the dead God is still alive. Who leaves our world, the only suits left. I think he’s young, handsome. And everything about him is good,” concluded Babayan.