Евгений Осин расплакался после получения результатов ДНК-теста The actor was found with an illegitimate daughter. Elena and Nastya Godunov came to the Studio on the show Dmitry Shepelev. A friend in Aspen for the first time said that a girl could be born from it. They were in an intimate proximity.
Евгений Осин расплакался после получения результатов ДНК-теста

The hero of the new edition of the show “really” was Yevgeny Osin. In the beginning, Dmitry Shepelev said that an old friend of the performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” Elena Godunova said that the artist is the illegitimate daughter Nastya. “StarHit” first learned about born 12 years ago the child of a musician.

Eugene Aspen was the illegitimate daughter

“Basically, the education of girls is your mother – shared Eugene. But I’m willing to help with advice. It’s nice that Nastya is listening to me”.

Earlier, ex-fiancee of a singer has never officially stated that the father of Anastasia can be Osin. According to Helen, Eugene calls the girl his daughter, he calls her, they write songs. The musician does not deny that he spoke with Cindy many times.

“I’m her patron, she calls me dad. I admit that she’s my daughter, but need to check exactly,” said Osin.
Евгений Осин расплакался после получения результатов ДНК-теста

Present in the Studio, Anastasia Volochkova said that Eugene gave the girl an expensive guitar, and often indulged in other gifts. Some believe that Elena wants to “cash in” on this story. The woman herself denies such speculation.

“I’ve known him 20 years, since 1998, and if I wanted, I would have tried something from him,” said Godunov.

According to Elena, she tries to help Eugene to stop drinking. The actor and his girlfriend met almost every weekend a few years ago. Osin himself does not remember exactly how often they see each other. He was acting really weird during the filming of the program. Sabina Pantus wanted to clarify, not use artist alcohol before air. He thoroughly denied this fact.

“I loved him, and now I really want to help him so he went back and became still,” added Godunov.

The woman was married, but when Nastia was the year of the spouse is gone. She announced the pregnancy, not to mention the child’s father, but he was ready to be combined with her matrimony. “He wanted us to have a family. Jack didn’t want to initially marry,” added Lena.

With daughter Agnia, who is already 16 years old, Eugene is not talking. “It so happened. Her mom gets a stranger to call my dad,” said Osin. He was very hard every time to talk to the heir, and for a while she even made her own father to the black list in the phone book. For nearly a year, they’re not talking.

“Agnese, I love you very much. You’re my daughter, mother, and over the years you realize it”, – said Eugene to the girl.
Евгений Осин расплакался после получения результатов ДНК-теста

During the review, experts of the ocean caught in a lie. It turned out that in the last 24 hours he had consumed alcohol. The artist drinks a lot of years that can’t even say how many. Treatment in the rehabilitation center did not help the musician.

Anastasia Godunov came to the Studio. The girl confirmed that Aspen calls dad. According to the young actress, even if the DNA test does not prove their relationship, they continue to communicate.

Евгений Осин расплакался после получения результатов ДНК-теста

Closer to the end of the program, the talented children performed a solo number. Dmitry Shepelev believe that Elena will be able to save Eugene, surrounding him with care and warmth.

– You want to know the truth?
I don’t care.

Aspen insists that he loves Cindy and is not going to abandon it. At the end of the envelope with the DNA results gave Elena. She was asked to open it and report the results, but left her right to remain silent. The woman refused to disclose the results of the study in the Studio and decided to share them only with a Wasp.

In the end, the musician burst into tears and got very emotional because he was lucky to have a friend like Elena who takes it in any condition.