Робин Райт встречается с менеджером дома моды Saint Laurent

51-year-old actress Robin Wright holds new year’s eve in the ski resort of Squaw Valley, California, together with the young man, whose identity has still not been declassified. For the first time the actress has appeared with a young man at the end of September at a football match in the French capital. Now the media has managed to identify the personality of the man: star of the TV series “house of cards” meets with the Manager for relations with VIP-clients of the French fashion house Saint Laurent — Clement Giraud.

Робин Райт встречается с менеджером дома моды Saint Laurent

24-year-old Hopper, son of Robin Wright, joined my mom at a football match. In view of Clement’s eldest son stars for a couple of years. The stories of the insiders, the young cavalier Wright is good at communicating with her son. This confirms the seriousness of loving relationship. When the boyfriend of the stars is located in Los Angeles, he must visit his beloved.

Recall, with actor Sean Penn Robin Wright started Dating in 1989. 13 April 1991, the couple had a daughter, Dylan Frances. The second child Hopper Jack was born in August of 1993. Wright and Penn were married in 1996. In August 2009, Wright filed for divorce. The divorce process ended on July 22, 2010.

The actors parted friends, which proves their last appearance together after a divorce. It’s been 7 years, and the former couple still spend time together. Wright and Penn was spotted in new York airport named after John F. Kennedy. The actor as a gentleman, carrying bags to the car. Then paparazzi captured the couple entering the same apartment.

At this point Robin Wright starred in the TV series “house of cards”, where she plays the wife of Kevin spacey. At the end of October it became known that the main actor will be removed from the show because of the scandal that unfolded around him. The actor was accused of pedophilia, and then he was out of the closet. “I know that around me there are a lot of stories, they draw on the fact that I protect their privacy. My family know that I had relations with women and with men. I loved romantic encounters with men throughout my life and now I choose to live as gay. I want to deal with it honestly and openly, and it begins with an examination of my own behavior,” wrote an open letter to Kevin spacey in his Twitter account.

46-year-old actor Anthony RAPP, who starred in the TV series Star Trek, has accused him of molesting. When the boy was 14 years old, spacey was trying to seduce him and to persuade to acts of a sexual nature. It is said RAPP, they met on the stage of one of Broadway musicals in the 80-ies. Then spacey was 25 years, while RAPP is only 14 years old. He invited the young man to one of the parties. After the guests left and they were alone, Kevin put a colleague on the bed and lay on top. No contact was not, after all, Anthony could be freed from the embrace of spacey. According to RAPP, he gave more confidence to the unfolding scandal, so he told this story.