Сестра Бейонсе Соланж Ноулз отменила концерт из-за болезни

Sister beyoncé is an actress and singer Solange Knowles canceled new year’s concert at the Afro Punk festival in South Africa in connection with the disease. She told its subscribers in instagram that for a long time suffers from a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. Despite this, she continued to work. Specific symptoms and the disease name the actress said.

Сестра Бейонсе Соланж Ноулз отменила концерт из-за болезни

“The last five months I was treated and worked. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes I feel awesome, and sometimes awful. This is a difficult diagnosis, and I’m still learning more and more about yourself. Until the doctors forbade me to work and was surprised that I continued to speak.” writes Solange.

Solange promises that will soon go live in Africa, despite the disease. “I can’t tell you how upset I am that I can’t perform at new year concert is planned at the Afro Punk festival in South Africa. But I will return to Africa and will play as soon as I recover! ” says the artist.

It turns out that the organizers of the festivals, which were Solna, knew about the illness of the singer. Despite this, at the request of the artist, they had privacy. “Can I thank Afro Punk for their support and all the other festivals, the organizers of which know about my condition, but should be kept confidential. I look forward to the opportunity to start working in 2018,” wrote Knowles.

At that time, as Solange Knowles took a break in creative activities in order to bring health order, the husband of Beyonce, rapper Jay-Z showed a teaser of the new video. He made a new video called “Family Feud”, which translates as “a Family quarrel”. In the music video starred his wife Beyonce and daughter blue ivy. The song lightens some of the events that occurred with a family of artists.

In a short video by Jay-Z with daughter walk down the aisle in the Church. Soon, the frame itself appears Beyonce dressed all in black. In the track, the musician addresses the issues faced by their family.

The lyrics of the new song the rapper is quite understandable, because his family was going through difficult periods, which could lead to divorce. Giving an interview to journalists of The New York Times, the 47-year-old musician told about the change and blamed it on a childhood in a dysfunctional district. “There had to survive. And when you go in this hard mode, and begin to behave accordingly. You have to turn off all emotion. Even with women you’re staying emotionally closed, you can not find a common language… In my case it was more serious. And from hence it comes out: infidelity.” says the rapper.