Роберт Родригес займется ремейком «Побега из Нью-Йорка»

The Creator of “spy Kids,” Robert Rodriguez decided once again to prove to us that new is well forgotten old. Soon, the Director will begin work on a remake of the famous paintings of John carpenter’s 1981 “Escape from new York.

The rights to reboot the film was bought by Studio 20th Century in 2015, but now the project was sent to development. The production of the film will do Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, and processing scenario does Neil Cross (Luther, Doctor Who).

Recall that the original movie “Escape from new York” in 1981 talks about futuristic at the time, the future – 1997 amid a Third world war. The protagonist acts of war veteran snake Plissken, whose aim is to rescue from captivity, the US President, captured by a band of revolutionaries and held in the prison of strict regime.

More than 30 years ago the main role was entrusted to Kurt Russell. Who this time will be the hero, not specified.