Robert Pattinson has lost 15 kg for the role in a historical drama

Роберт Паттинсон похудел на 15 кг ради роли в исторической драме

Robert Pattinson is another actor of Hollywood for the role able to sacrifice their health and change almost beyond recognition. On the premiere of the film “the Lost city of Z”, where Rob has played a major role.

At the premiere actor himself was present, because of the attention to his person he could not go. Together with his colleague Sienna Miller Pattinson posed for photographers, and those, in turn, was extremely surprised appearance of the actor.

Роберт Паттинсон похудел на 15 кг ради роли в исторической драме

The fact that the star of “Twilight Saga” looked unhealthy and even painful. As Robert admitted, he lost 15 pounds. The British severely limited their diet and hardly ate anything during the shooting process. According to the actor, the weight loss was not only his task, and all teams in General. Special diets are adhered to by all members of the crew and cast: “We ate the eggs for Breakfast, avocado and fish for lunch, more during the day, we didn’t eat anything.” Also for the film Robert grew a thick beard, which he was glad to say goodbye at the premiere of the film: “I raised her in forever, and I was happy to finally get rid of her.”

Synopsis: the film for which Robert transformed tells the story of archaeologists who go in search of the lost city hidden in the jungle of Brazil. The film takes place in 1925. The Director and screenwriter of the film was made by James gray, known for such films as “we own the night”, “the Lovers” and “Fatal passion”.

The basis scenario was based on the book by David Faced, where we are talking about British Colonel Percy, who led an expedition in search of the capital of the Incas, the legendary Dorado or “City Z”.