Amanda Seyfried is already eleven years on antidepressants

Аманда Сейфрид  уже одиннадцать лет принимает антидепрессанты

The famous American actress Amanda Seyfried in thirty years, shocked fans by saying that eleven years was using antidepressants to cope with his incurable disease. The star of the film “Mamma MIA” revealed that she was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder characterized by Intrusive thoughts and paranoid feelings.

“In 2013, I bought a house and renovated the building. I also arranged the guest houses, which has everything except the kitchen, I want people to eat only in the house. I do worry when people use the plates in principle. Such a mania of control,” said Amanda. To cope with the disease, Seyfried takes antidepressants, and not even hide it.
“I am taking antidepressants for the last eleven years, but sitting on the minimum dosage. Stop to take them I don’t see the point. Don’t know, are they, or is it a placebo, but the risk is I do not want” — said the actress.