Роберт Де Ниро оказался на грани банкротства из-за трат супруги The actor got into an altercation with his wife in one of the institutions of new York. He did not hesitate when the other guests to accuse the chosen one in the waste. It turned out that grace lowers the fees of the artist in the coffee business. According to star cinema, due to this weakness of a woman, he accepts offers of filming in any pictures.

      Роберт Де Ниро оказался на грани банкротства из-за трат супруги

      Robert De Niro and grace Hightower live happily married for 20 years. Many fans of the couples seemed in their family reigns idyll. However, it appeared that celebrities swear at times, including in public places. The couple made scandal in one of the cafes. The actor and his fiancee went to lunch at one of the institutions of new York. First pair had a nice conversation about everyday issues, but as soon as we are talking about money, their courtesy and left no trace.

      Eyewitnesses claim that De Niro emotionally reacted to the words Hightower and dissipation. The man believes that his wife is spending large sums of money for their family business. The coffee chain Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda are not justified, so the actor have to star in any movies that he can offer. It seems that Robert’s patience came to an end and he could not stand, stood up for all claims the wife of the other cafe visitors.

      “I wouldn’t have to keep making disgusting movies, if you hadn’t burned through all my money,” – asked De Niro to his wife.
      Роберт Де Ниро оказался на грани банкротства из-за трат супруги

      Interestingly, their own business the couple started relatively recently. The coffee chain has opened only five years ago, however, she starts to bring income. The family are not the best way. Not to close down the institution and not to declare bankruptcy, Robert still continues to act in films. However, according to many critics, the man dropped to the level of second-rate movies.

      Cafe Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda not so long ago ripped an important contract with the food store Whole Foods. Since then, the situation escalated and led to the fact that the pair is likely to cover your business.

      The last time Robert De Niro can boast a successful film roles. It has been repeatedly nominated for the award “Golden raspberry”, which is awarded in the nominations “the worst film and worst actor”. A lot of criticism of the artist was made after his participation in the film “the Grandfather of easy virtue.” Previously Robert was twice winner of the “Oscar”. The star received the statuette for best actor the second plan in a film “the Godfather-2” and for his film “raging bull.”