Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь Once they tried to “make love” in front of the whole country, and now live a normal life.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Every night on television almost every Russian family sounds catchy tune, talking about the beginning of a new release of the TV project “Dom-2”. For 11 and a half years of existence, reality show thousands of young men and women tried to build a love (and incidentally the house), but it turned out not all. Weddings, kids, even divorce – which saw the audience over the years. But why the interest in the project not going down so far? Obviously, it’s all about bright participants who manage to not only build relationships, but also to be realized creatively, not to mention the intrigues and scandals. Remember the original “domova”, which doesn’t leave the audience indifferent, and which they say still.

      Mom’s “House-2”: why do they come to the project

      The sun (Olga Nikolaeva), 32 years

      Was on the project from may 2004 to may 2008.

      21-year-old Olga Nikolaev entered the gate of the “House-2” one of the first and immediately announced to call it the Sun. Outrageous girl the boy immediately liked the charismatic Alexander Nelidov, and the couple took one of the vip cabins. Sun direct became for many viewers the idol not only because of martial character, but also musical talent. The girl was decorated for his singing and guitar playing not one concert, and also wrote the music and lyrics of the song “15 cool people”, which for 11 years was spinning on the Intro to the show.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Soon the project came romantic curly May of Apricots, and the Sun created a few with him. The novel was bright, but over, and then both had several relationships on the project. In 2008, the Sun won the contest “House-2” through the support of viewers and became a happy owner of the certificate on apartment. “The apartment that I chose in a newly built house in Krasnogorsk, two kilometres from Moscow, was worth 6 million rubles, – admitted the Sun. – The certificate was for half the amount. Missing has accumulated, working from morning to night. Moved here in 2010 as soon as the house was built, and workers have installed plumbing. And two years had to arrange everything as I wanted”. Life Sun boring: every weekend a girl touring as a DJ and singer, organizes master-classes on needlework, and in his spare time engaged in spiritual practices – meditation and yoga. She even has a teacher who helps each day to live harmoniously and happily.

      May Abrikosov, 34

      Was on the project from 9 July 2004 to January 2007.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Appeared on the project May Abrikosov (aka Roman Tertyshny) vividly appeared on Calvary in the image of a medieval knight with a sword in one hand and a Falcon in the other. As it could not leave – a shock of curly hair, big blue eyes, refined manners. May seemed animated Prince charming. The guy chose Princess Olga of Nikolaev, the Sun, and began to take care of it. After some time she surrendered, and a new couple moved into the house. The relationship of young people quickly evolved from a romantic inflammable: a couple quarreled every day because of immaturity May, because of domestic maladjustment Sun. In the end, the guys parted, and Apricots found temporary solace in the arms of a friend Alena Vodonaevoy. But these relationships don’t last long, and May have left the project.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Former members of “House-2” remember that curly Apricots over time, “zazvezdilsya” scolded administrators show for the “wrong” food in the fridge and refused to celebrate the New year six days before the holiday. Dreams May from Voronezh to become famous thanks to the “House-2” and to stay in Moscow and not come true. At first the guy tried himself in the role of leading a mystical TV program, appeared in a cameo role of the unknown series. After a series of setbacks May have settled in the house of his late grandmother in the village of Korotoyak in Voronezh region. Now the man lives alone, and sometimes writes articles for the magazine “the House-2”, raised chickens, and collects in the summer squash on the farm for 500 rubles a day. Failures in work and love, the death of my grandmother and father affected the psyche May: he threw himself into religion and blame all their woes witchcraft.

      Anastasia Dashko, 31

      Was on the project from 22 October 2004 to February 7, 2008


      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Beauty Queen from Salekhard confidently entered the “perimeter” of the project, expressing sympathy for the Roman Tretyakov. Later Nastya fell in love with Stas Karimov, but then flirting the guys are not logged in. Six months later, the girl met a loved one in a clearing – it was black Sam Seleznev from Krasnodar. The lovers stayed together for more than three years, giving the impression of one of the strongest pairs of “House-2”. Dashko periodically got into trouble, scandals, attacked with charges on other participants – passionate character made itself felt. One of my favorite “victims” Nastia was Olga Buzova, but in the end a confrontation between two spectacular blondes became good friends.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      In February 2008, Sam and Nastya won the viewers ‘ vote contest with a hefty prize in Moscow. However, it soon became clear that Dashko she sent for myself SMS with free cell phones from the project sponsors. Enterprising participant spent on the case 160. The scandal, check on the lie detector and, as a consequence, the departure from the project. Out of the gate “Dom-2” Nastya went into business in Chelyabinsk, where he set up partners in the Bank. Dashko was sentenced to three years in prison, although in March 2015, after serving just half, Anastasia released for good behavior. She recently married 30-year-old world champion in kickboxing Konstantin Kuleshov. The couple lives in Zlatoust. “I’m 31, I have no children. For every age has its own priorities. Now I really want a baby!” – says Anastasia Dashko.

      Victoria Karasev, 36 years

      Was on the project from 30 September 2005 to 6 July 2009.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Fatal beauty Queen tori appeared on the project and expressed sympathy for the Joker, Andrey Chuev. But the guy ignored the attention Karaseva, Vika began to wait for her Prince. The girl earned a reputation as a headstrong, straightforward and even tough participants due to its masculine nature. By the way, tori was in the “House-2” not only searching couples: no the concert is not complete without songs Victoria, an Opera singer and actress by training. Soon in the “perimeter” the Moldovan rapper Ruslan Proskurov. Tori and Russell had created not only a creative Duo, but also a striking couple, famously tumultuous scandals and fights, and after tearful reconciliations. The guys stayed together a couple years and broke up after another skirmish.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Long wick was one: her attention was to achieve a “simpleton” Vyacheslav Dvoretskov, which no one took seriously. And Victoria took and even went for Glory in marriage. The Italian restaurant, where Karasev splinter mussels had punctured his esophagus, was a test of the feelings of strength. Vyacheslav day and night was there with his wife. From the hospital she was released with a weight of 30 kilograms and disability. Vyacheslav for all the suffering gave his beloved apartment. After the amendment, Vic was a co-founder of the wedding salon, was fond of design of clothes, not gave up music and began to record an album in the style of pop rock. Managed the girl and sue the ill-fated restaurant part of the money for damages. With regard to marriage and Dvorackova, it is for certain not known. In one of the TV Vika and Slava announced that no longer live together. “People often ask me if I’m coming back to the project, writes Tory on the social network. – After 30 to discuss who is who and how – not very dignified and interesting.”

      Sam Seleznev, 36 years

      Was on the project from 25 March 2005 to 7 February 2008.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Good-natured guy from Krasnodar came to the project to Oksana aplekaeva wanted to fall in love with Stas Karimov. But instead of the relationship with Oksana Semik, as he called the participants “House-2”, had acquired a friendship with Karimov. Here at smiley guy noticed Anastasia Dashko. The guys have created a solid couple and have lived together for about three years. In 2006, Sam was selected as the winner in the competition of “Superman “House-2”, in which he won a car “UAZ-the Patriot”. Although everyone knew Sam as a kind and quiet guy (which only cost him to maintain composure in quarrels with Dashko), but it managed to bring the provocateur to Rustam Solntsev. Rustam called Sam and Nastya commoners, who only have a fridge to fill, for which he received from Selezneva in the face.

      For fights in the time since the project was kicked out, what happened with Sam. However, later returned. From the “perimeter,” Sam and Nastya came together after the scandal with the SMS voting, but on the “mainland” couple broke up. Now Sam Seleznev lives in his native Krasnodar, he has his own beauty salon. At one time the guy was moonlighting as a leading sports news on local TV. Recently got into music and performed in clubs as a DJ.

      Novel Tretyakov, 35 years

      Was on the project from may 2004 to August 2007.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Charismatic bald guy from Taganrog settled in the “perimeter” of the “House-2” from the very beginning of the project and proved himself a strong player. The first time it has happened in the Novel a love with a fatal beauty Elena Berkova. Now this girl is known for its erotic past and present, and then – in 2004-m to year – on spicy video with her participation was not known. But things soon opened, and beloved Tretyakov left the project. Guy long was sad and had blonde Olga Buzova. They have created one of the strongest pairs on the project: Roma defended Olya from the attacks of the aggressive participants, the girl’s response petted beloved of surprises and romance. The popularity has allowed them to even create their own youth TV show “Roma buzovoy”, which did not last long. Who knows what has led to this story if the Novel is not forced to leave from “Houses-2” in 2007-m to year, as he recounts in one of his books. The way the lovers parted, and a year later Roma met on the plane girl Light. After the wedding the young son was born Nikita, but also did not grow together. Today the novel eligible bachelor – a successful host of the wedding, writer and student of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University.

      Stas and Oscar Karimov, 34

      Stas was on the project from 11 may 2004 to 9 June 2005, Oscar – 11 may 2004 to 17 December 2004.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Charismatic twin brothers from belebeya enjoyed great success with girls “House-2”: fun, guitar playing, breakdancing dancing. But the personal life of the guys on the project not specified. Stas was unrequited in love with Olga Buzova, and Oscar – Xenia Borodin – leading project today. Olya and Stas was just flirting allowed them to care for themselves, and She seemed to meet the Oscar back. But the project lead is not allowed to stay away from parties and Oscar left the clearing. After leaving the project, Stas and Osik as he called them “damouzy” not left his native city and remained in the capital. Today the brothers have been actively speaking with DJ sets, and successfully touring both together and singly. In addition, Karimov own a travel Agency and a clothing store in Cheboksary. In Moscow, Oscar runs a real estate Agency. In the privacy of cheerful twins too, everything is fine. Stas in 2012, married with a young daughter, little Mind calls Karimov’s dad. Oscar is also the case goes to the wedding.

      Rome Bangieva, 32

      Was on the project from 22 March 2008 to 30 may 2010.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Lush from Kiev Rome came to the project by Rustam Solntsev, however, they have not happened. After the girl’s attention was attracted by Vyacheslav Dvoretskov, but he chose Rome Victoria Karasev. Pendzhiev was not discouraged and began to make love with Yevgeny Nikitin, but a couple of months and the relationship ended. Soon beauty began Dating Damian Levko and even moved in with him in a separate apartment, but the miracle did not happen this time. Regardless of her setbacks, Rome was always fighting “flirtatious” and smart woman, as she liked to call it. Due to the resilient nature of Rome earned the respect of viewers and the title of “Man of the year” in 2009. Later Pendzhiev fell in love with a new participant of “House-2” – Gleb Strawberry, but he drew attention to another girl, and Rome was again left with nothing. The last guy gorgeous women on the project was Daniel Degler, whom she dated for a while and “perimeter”. Now Rome is working as a model plus-size and leads his own Youtube channel, which shares with subscribers video from travel.

      Alessandro Matarazzo, 35 years

      Was on the project in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Italian macho Alessandro Matarazzo first broke into the project in a fur coat, with diamond earrings and… sympathy for the Sun! In courtship, she did not respond, and the young man decided to create a few free at that time Olga Buzova. Ex-stripper, Materazzo not get tired to show his pumped body at every opportunity. In August 2008 the guy leave the project because of a lie (it turned out that the guy was not born in Italy, and in Akhtubinsk Astrakhan region), but in may 2009, will be returned as a participant and as a producer of the musical group “Istra witches”. Later Alessandro produces Andrei Cherkasov.

      The third time, Matarazzo (aka Alexander Kurisko) came with his girlfriend Svetlana Davydova. The goal is to show you how to build incredible love. However, the girl Alex immediately drew the attention of the bachelors Gleb Strawberry and G. Jikia. Matarazzo, chose not to risk the happiness and took her on the project, just as suddenly as it had led. 9 Sep 2009 the perimeter, the couple got married, which was attended by a four year old daughter Amy from his first marriage.

      Anton Potapovich, 38 years

      Was on the project from 27 January 2006 to 12 April 2007.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Anton Patapovich on the project has led Alain Vodonaeva. Girlfriend just broke up with the old man – the plan and Menshikova – and spotted at the casting of the charismatic Anton. A few months the young people met, but Alena with her violent temper, soon bored with the quiet nature of the Potapovich. Soon in the “perimeter” came a young girl Layla who liked to Anton at first sight. They declared themselves a couple. But this Union was not happy. Conservative Potapovich did not understand the vagaries of Leela and her flirting with guys.

      Attempts to rehabilitate the lover does not succeed – the pair went a few times. After leaving Leyla, due to problems with study Anton remained single and became eligible bachelor of the project – to him it was girls. But the party never entered into a romantic relationship, but made a strong friendship with Victoria Bonya. When Anton was kicked by vote girlfriend left him for being “domova” shock. Today Anton Potapovich happily married to a girl his Junior by 14 years, and together they are raising two year old daughter eve. Works ex-participant of “House-2” the art Director in the entertainment industry.

      Maria Odoevtseva, 30 years

      Was on the project from 8 July 2008 to July 2010.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Masha Kruglykhin appeared on the project with an unusual story: saw, say, in the air “House-2” the civil husband Sergey Odoevtseva, from which she recently escaped. Sergei Pavlovich refused to leave the “perimeter” with the beloved, and the girl had to stay, too. Strange, but the guy had long distanced themselves from a relationship with Mary, but then, seeing her head, surrendered. By the way, not all remember, but a couple of years before coming to P. Maria has appeared on the project. The object of her attention was then Apricots May that is not reciprocated. And five days later, Mary was already off to the cries of “We happy!” In relationships, Sergei Masha was jealous, possessive, didn’t release the man.

      At the same time courted her Alessandro Matarazzo, Gleb Strawberry and Nikita Kuznetsov. However, nothing could stop true love, and 7 Jul 2010 the guys were married, and in a couple of weeks left the project. Now Odoevtseva still together, raising two year-old daughter Lisa. Sergei works as a photographer, and Maria sells clothes via the Internet.

      Semyon Frolov, 35 years

      Was on the project from 15 June 2007 to 11 December 2008.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      For the first time on the project, we saw the Seeds in a fur cap and with an accordion in his hands – this guy showed up at the place of execution. Talented Frolov took in the team, and with the Sun he created creative Union. Love Seeds happened with the scandalous and daring Elena Buchenau. Stay for six months in the “perimeter” of a good-natured Sam, who played the accordion and entertained the honest people, so the audience liked that it is almost unanimously chose “owner” of the project in the same competition. In this, the musician spared even “old man” Stepan Menshchikova, got in his face an enemy. By the way, took a dislike to the newcomer and other members of the “House-2” between them and Frolov constantly had quarrelled. Elena initially supported a loved one, but some time stopped. But began to settle on the guy when they were alone. In the end, the next men’s voting against the Seeds all up in arms, and the musician left after the first round. Bushin left on the project.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      After “House-2” Frolov won in the competition the money went to Goa, then plunged into creativity. To date a creative Treasury of Canopy – dozen clips popular hit “All women as women, and my goddess!”, participation in the TV show, on the radio. In plans – opening of the production center and help the budding artists.

      Maria Politova, 28 years

      Was on the project from January to February 2006 and from June to September 2007, then from 4 to 24 June 2010.


      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Restless singing always and everywhere the girl appeared on the threshold of the “House-2” three times! Every attempt to return to the project for Maria was a kind of experiment, but no girl who was not able to build relationship and start to miss. Let her presence on the project each time wasn’t long, Mary remembered the strange antics. Politova and then fell into a “musical trance” guys joked that Maria sings even in her sleep. An extravagant party supported Stepan Menshikov, a lover of strange characters. But ganged up against the girl Andrei Alexandrov, running along the “perimeter” with a poster: “Masha Politova out of the project!” Masha in the answer only promised “all there passing” and smiled modestly.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Who knows how many more would continue this madness, but Maria suddenly kicked on the ballot. And on the fifth lap! The girl left, worked in Moscow as a journalist, then a model, graduated from the make-up courses. At the time, was having problems with her weight: she gained 28 pounds, but quickly returned to form. Today Mary appears in a new image: she cut long curls and became a photo model face famous brand.

      Maria Petrovskaya, 33

      Was on the project from 23 June 2004 to 5 February 2005.

      Забытые участники «Дома-2»: чем запомнились и где они теперь

      Sexy saleswoman watermelons from Taganrog was able to make friends with each participant “House-2”. Kind and naive character of Masha is not consistent with its image of the fatal voluptuous brunette. The girl cared May Abrikosov, but Peter did not reciprocate, opting for a more manly Denis Kochetov. One vote Dennis was kicked out of the project. For Mary it was a blow, but after her beloved she left. Unsuspecting girl has taken for granted the advances of each new participant, but the sincere feelings to find and could not. But guys began to perceive Peter as “a spare variant”.

      After kicked out of Vladimir, another young man with whom Maria was trying to build relationships, the girl broke down and went myself. Petrovskaya after “House-2” avoids publicity. According to one version, from fans of the project, Mary got a job as a dancer in a strip club in Moscow, on the other – the assistant to the General Director of one company. In 2009, the networks had a picture made by a fan: Masha in the salon works as a consultant. And they say that she met a decent man in the capital and in the role of a happy housewife.