Беременная Гагарина о муже: «Он самый терпеливый человек на свете» Touching the singer spoke about the beloved man. The famous photographer Dmitry Iskhakov birthday. In honor of a family holiday Polina Gagarina has published a children’s the father of her unborn child, accompanied by his gentle confession.

      Singer Polina Gagarina and her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov considered one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business. However, neither he nor she did not like to talk about family relationships, but joint shots that the couple often publish microblogs, indicate that in this pair there is harmony and understanding.

      Proof that Polina Gagarina loves her husband, is her post – congratulations of Dmitry Iskhakov happy birthday. The father of the child of the singer on February 24 turned 39 years old. In honor of this event, Pauline showed a photo of her husband at a tender age and wrote under it a few soulful lines.

      “This young photographer’s birthday today! He knows how to amuse me and calm, he knows how cool photograph and cool dancer, he is the most kind and patient husband in the world, and he’s my best friend, with whom we can talk until morning without stopping. Happy birthday, beloved husband! Be always healthy! We love you very much!” congratulated Polina Gagarina spouse.

      By the way, very soon, the singer will make Dmitry ishakova priceless gift, turning it even in the happiest of men. Pair these days, as you know, is expecting a baby. Newborn will be the first common child of the couple. Pregnant Polina Gagarin showed new figure

      Polina Gagarina has a son Andrew, from her marriage with actor Peter Kislov. As admitted star, her successor embraced by Dmitry Iskhakov.

      “Andrei Dima a great relationship. Dima constantly amuses a lot. In the evenings they sometimes laughing together like crazy, – said the singer in an interview. – I then leave the bedroom and say: “Dima, now stow it yourself! You it amused you to calm down. In the morning, because early in the school up.” My husband is very artistic people. Shows some scenes may wear a clown nose and to pop up like this out of the corner. Andrew, of course, delighted!”

      We will remind, Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarin became husband and wife on 9 September 2014, registering a marriage in the Tver Palace of marriage in the capital. Date is chosen not accidentally, it was the first anniversary of their acquaintance. After a couple of days Pauline, together with Dima crossed the equator and on one of the most luxurious Islands of the Seychelles archipelago — a place called Praslin — has played a real and very touching wedding.