Ольга Романовская переехала в апартаменты «Москвы-Сити» Singer settled in one of the famous towers of the capital. Lead singer of Queens rented a room in the city, to be able to stay here more often. Actress lives in her native Odessa.

      Recently a member of the group Queens and ex-moderator of the project “Revizorro” shared in social networks the good news: “the move Again… next visit to white stone celebrate housewarming”. Did the artist purchased a property in the capital and decided to move to Moscow from his native Odessa?

      “She rented an apartment and bought – said its Director, Yuri. – She plans to come here, but leave the Ukraine is not going to. Too loves her native country, she has friends there, friends.”

      Moreover, as found out “StarHit”, the first attempt to settle in Moscow for Romanov turned out to be unsuccessful. She rented a loft not far from the city center, but after a few days was forced to move out – inconvenient location. The singer rented an apartment in the tower “Eye” in “Moscow-city”. Actress still lives in Odessa. Not so long ago Olga showed “StarHit” the house inhabited by her family. Luxury accommodation on the shores of the sea, it settled personally, trying to satisfy the tastes and wishes wife and sons. Leading “Revizorro” Olga Romanov, settled in a luxurious house by the sea. PHOTO

      “We were looking for ready-made housing, and in this mansion I fell in love at first sight, – told Olga that. – For some time we lived with the situation from the previous one, but then decided it was time to redo the interior for yourself.”

      The cottage has five rooms, a huge lounge, pool, garden, steam room, recently appeared game for the sons of Romanov. The highlight of the mansion is a large aquarium with fish. “There was a pike which was always eaten by the others – laughing Romanov. – Had to give it away. Now we have banal catfish and red snapper, which sometimes is interested in the Abyssinian ruby. Taking care of her all family members, but mostly it is the duty of the eldest son”.