Наталья Гулькина сбежала из клиники The singer interrupted the course of treatment of acute poisoning. Natalia Gulkin had to leave the hospital room for work. The singer supported her friend Evelina Bledans during the presentation of a new brand apparel actress and TV presenter.

      Singer Natalia Gulkina, which was urgently hospitalized with severe poisoning, have a chance to escape from under the observation of doctors. Fans of Natalia Gulkin is concerned at reports about her illness

      Less than a day after treatment, the singer escaped from the hospital, leaving the receipt to the doctors. Did Natalia gulkin it for my friend Evelina Bledans. The presenter has presented a new brand – her own clothing line for women. Gulkin not just attended the event, but found the strength to perform on stage.

      On the way to the show, the singer got in touch with subscribers microblog to thank them for their support and to talk about their health.

      “Thank you, my dear, I care about my health and worried about me! It was banal poisoning with severe toxicity. I received, now it is all over, I’m on the mend, but our profession gives us the chance to just lie in bed, and I escaped from the hospital and after the event from coming back. I have given my word, Evelina Bledans. And I can’t bring the person”, – said Natalia Gulkina in the video.

      Then, the singer showed everyone the chamber in which it lies. Small single room with a TV and a bed equipped with a call button medical personnel.

      “This is my hospital – a guided tour of gulkin. – Nothing unusual. I have now on the show was interviewed journalists, they didn’t believe that I escaped from the hospital. What to do? This is our life. This show business. Do not worry for me I recover.” The singer added that she will be under medical observation for a few days.

      We will remind, in the hospital Natalia gulkin got to the circle late in the evening after dinner at a Chinese restaurant. After a couple of hours after eating, the singer felt a sharp pain in my stomach and dialed the ambulance. First star tied the sharp deterioration of health with strong tiredness and lack of time for food. However, the doctors concluded that their patients with severe poisoning intoxication. Gulkin prescribed a course of intensive therapy. Fans of the singer, alarmed by reports about her illness and wished her a speedy recovery.