Depression Lyubov Uspenskaya can result in the disease

Депрессия Любови Успенской может закончиться болезнью Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. According to him, the woman waits a period of recovery, but she shouldn’t dwell on past failures or health problems can not be avoided.

      The Queen of chanson Liubov Uspenskaya 24 February marks 63 years. Star tours extensively and writes hits, takes care of himself – three years ago, Love took part in the project “grow thin with “StarHit” and lost 10 pounds. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva said he expects the actress in the near future.

      “Life code Luba – 279 235 – suggests that she was born in “the Day of sacrifice,” says Clara. Singer – a man for whom the interests of others always above her. She was born to make other people’s lives better and bring humanity joy. Figure 235 in its code suggests that the star has the sign of the predictor and is able to predict the future. She has a unique intuition, a celebrity practically impossible to cheat – she feel any, even the most harmless lie. Look really young Luba helps a huge sexual energy which it contains. She is a very emotional person and lives in his own world – that is, she is, in principle, okay with myself, loneliness, she is not afraid. Star does not like crowded markets, airports… So often go on stage for her – a difficult test.”

      The specialist said that the singer has a lot of patience, and it is generally a very balanced person – to deduce it from itself, it is necessary to try very much.

      “Sixes and eights in her code no, it says that for all his financial security to the benefits it is very quiet – the star of those who know how to be happy in a tent, says Clara Kuzenbaeva. But, surprisingly, the star is devoid of good luck – all it has achieved is the result of her work, not luck. In fact, it people are very friendly, optimistic and people-holiday”.

      According to the calculations of numerology, last year was for the artist a period of decline, and it could not say as to her state of mind and overall health.

      “It was not her beloved pet Yorkshire Terrier Frankie, who had been near the star for 14 years, and in which the Luba doted, recalls Kuzenbaeva. – Luba is still going through its care, it has destroyed her. We Dormition friendly, and several times I told her that according to her code of life, it is contraindicated to worry, she can attract into your life the disease.”

      This year, unlike the previous one, apparently, will be a very good assumption. During this period, according to numerology, Love will write several successful songs, but the addition to the family is not worth the wait.

      “The assumption has long dreamed to become a grandmother, but the 27-year-old daughter Tanya is unlikely soon to enjoy her grandchildren – says Clara. She was born 27 Dec 1989 in “Day selfless Ministers.” Tanya destined signs of popularity and artistry, she is a very ambitious girl, but the mother will be soon – not earlier than in 33 years”.