Роберт Де Ниро строит бутик-отель в центре Лондона

While Dmitry Nagiyev considering the option of creating your own Chinese restaurant, a Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro decided to organize the whole hotel.

Place for the new baby winner of the award “Oscar” chose difficult: to build a boutique hotel De Niro decided in the heart of London.

As we know, in this city that tries to preserve the appearance of the past centuries, it is not easy to get permission to build something entirely new. But Robert did it and now all the power of an actor is aimed at the elaboration of a plan and vision for the future of the institution.

At the moment we know that in the Wellington Hotel will have 83 rooms and a SPA-salon, restaurant, private club and retail space.

Start of construction is planned for 2017, and the Grand opening should take place in 2019.

Note that De Niro is a boutique hotel in London will be the first. Rob already owns similar establishments in new York.

While team De Niro is considering all the details, the actor is preparing to shoot in the series directed by David O. Russell.

The project, which so far has no name, raised also Julianne Moore.

The plot of the series is kept secret. Sources suggest that it may be a criminal or a police Thriller, which takes place in the 90s.

Note that with De Niro David had worked on the film My boyfriend – crazy” and “Joey,” but the collaboration with Moore will be for filmmaker new experience.

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