Rita Dakota threatens to “abnormal” friend of the family

Рите Дакоте угрожает «ненормальная» подруга семьи
The singer does not know what to do in a difficult situation.

Photo: Instagram

Life of famous people is, alas, not one of applause, gifts and high fees. Sometimes being a star is simply dangerous. About one such situation told Rita Dakota, which is now with his family resting in Bali.

“My mom has a few best friends with whom she was friends for nearly 30 years, and their children respectively my best childhood friends, she said. One of my mom’s friends works part-time we have at home, and we wanted to she was Babysitting MIA. And my best childhood friend Alex (son of friends) a few years ago married a girl with a mental disorder (the exact diagnosis is not know, but there’s some form of schizophrenia). At first she “was napisyval” me in all social networks that I should be friends with her. Then he began to talk hurt and evil in the key of “for the sake of your childhood friendship with my husband you have to add me and reply to my texts or you’ll be sorry”, and when I blocked her — then already began not very funny things: it began to threaten, really. Write on the fan sites invented terrible things, to attack all of my fan group, the official fan clubs in social networks, inventing one “news” other trenchant, referring to the fact that it is a close environment. And worst of all that “close” to my family it is very easy to prove formally: here’s my photo with her husband, when at us two years and we are poking around in the sandbox, here we are ten and we are in Egypt at the pyramid, here we are seventeen and we drink champagne on prom, here’s my mom with her mother-in-law 20 years ago in Bulgaria, but right in front of Bali — for these new year holidays in Minsk. Accordingly, for the yellow resource is really “close” to the source, and dirty “news” from her lips are not subject to additional scrutiny and are issued for “exclusive” in the form of direct speech the original. I like a man having a job, you know, how do these “exclusives” and in 99.9% of cases, if the approximate count of people from a family environment artist gives you that “unique information”, then it is true. But an amendment to schizophrenia among your close relatives/family member is a unique case. First, people spread rumors that I’m sleeping with my Manager, then when I was pregnant, went to the new “chip” that supposedly was cheating on me Vlad. Zamorachivat, we got full proof that it is. And here’s the question: what do I do? By law we can easily sue her and we, of course, this court will win. And “moral damage” for trying to besmirch and Sully the reputation on the fact to pay, it will not, unemployed and sick little girl, and my friend and my aunt. They cry and shrug: shut it, neither the husband nor mother-in-law, a person is sick… Vicious circle.»

This post on the social network brought a terrific response from fans of the Rita and Vlad. They wrote nearly two thousand tips. Someone had expressed their concern, someone wanted forces, someone advised how exactly to deal with the girl, but most importantly, what is agreed is absolutely all — not worth it to hire a mother’s friend as a babysitter for MIA.