Lyubov Tolkalina told the truth about the relationship with Yegor Konchalovsky

Любовь Толкалина рассказала правду об отношениях с Егором Кончаловским
The actress admitted that in their family there was no friendship.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: Instagram

Lyubov Tolkalina on the eve of the fortieth anniversary (the anniversary of the actress
celebrate February 16) gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about
the shortcomings of the relationship with Yegor Konchalovsky and why it is not
feel him calm and protected. According to star, the relationship with
the Director stalled as Egor and Love were not friends.

“I think that family relationships should be built exactly
on friendship, not passion, painful attachment, discipleship, dependence
from each other, — quotes the artist magazine “Antenna”. — If the family between
a man and a woman there is no friendship, love becomes bloodthirsty. We have a friendship with
Yegor did not work from the beginning. Big difference in age, education,
education. We are from different social strata. Egor was my teacher,
mentor, senior fellow — in short, those who decided to watch and
listen carefully, his mouth open. Then, we were not married, and I know for myself,
civil marriage gives a woman a sense of security and peace. Hence her
appears active female position — to work hard, take everything in your hands and
not to look to the opinion of men. And it hits children.” Love
admitted now happy in love, but now she is guided by
rule “Happiness loves silence” and did not declassify name of the chosen one.

“My heart unfree, but that doesn’t mean I will
to talk about his personal life. Happiness must be kept secret. For me
love is the only driving force. I know this for sure. Without it there is nothing
will,” said Tolkalina.