Rita Dakota and agate muceniece staged a “showdown” in the Network

Рита Дакота и Агата Муцениеце устроили «разборки» в Сети
The singer responded to the allegations of the actress.

Рита Дакота и Агата Муцениеце устроили «разборки» в Сети

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny with children — MIA and Timothy

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky with his daughter MIA

Photo: Instagram

Agata muceniece still can not accept that someone can give his daughter the name of the heir of the family Priluchny. Last year the actress was expecting two “strike”: the name of MIA gave to his daughters, the singer Polina Gagarina and Rita Dakota. And if after the birth of her daughter Gagarina Agatha said nothing, then after the birth of MIA Sokolowski muceniece not resist. Paul’s wife Priluchnogo posted a picture of a disney Princess, who grabs his head, and signed it: “My reaction to the fact that all around began to call daughters name is MIA.” Then the fans condemned the actress for such a reaction — in the end everyone has the right to name his child as he wants. But Agatha did not stop.

In an interview muceniece has given the magazine “7 Days”, she explained their position: “We thought MIA is a very original name and no one will ever use it. But it all started coming after us again. It was necessary to patent! Well, Timothy also came not better. We thought that this name had long been forgotten, but when we called as the son, then it turned out that in each the sandbox at fifteen Timofeev. But a third child we’ll come up with some entirely new name, what had not existed before”.

Rita Dakota, which now winters in Bali, which unexpectedly fell into the hands of the latest issue of the magazine, did not remain silent. She spoke sharply to allegations muceniece: “MIA is a ordinary pop the name. One hundred years since all the call girls, as the name is really good. Bombed but somehow Agatha, not my women, who have a 10-year-old MIA’s older. Exhale, Agata! Call the next daughter Herodion, honestly, we Gagarina will not this time “repeat”!”

What the outcome of this conflict is unclear. I wonder which side will rise Polina Gagarina. She has not commented on the conflict situation in which she was involved without her knowledge. A few months ago, the singer told the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”, which was originally going to give the girl a different name. The singer with her husband, Dmitry Isakov, had intended to call the baby Lucien, but immediately after birth suddenly changed his mind.

“I had the dream to give her daughter the name Lucy, Lucien. It seemed to me that this name should her come. Although I should have known that the girl will be very bright: my husband has Armenian roots, I Georgian. And in General I’m just a little black… We began frantically to think what to call daughter. I saw that on April 26, the day she was born, the birthday of Mary. And I gave one of the modifications of the name – MIA. I think MIA Iskhakova is very bright and loud!” — I’m sure Pauline.