Mother in shock: the son of Yana Poplavskaya got a tattoo of her face

Мама в шоке: сын Яны Поплавской сделал тату с ее лицом
Klim Poplavsky is the most devoted fan of the actress.

Photo: Instagram

Yana poplavskaja a definitely can be called the happiest mother on earth. Though her son, Klim Poplavsky already exchanged the fourth decade, he still fanatically devoted to Yana. And to never “break up,” the actress’s son has made a great tattoo with my mother’s portrait on polsini.

“I still can’t get used to the fact that on the back of my oldest son’s my portrait! says Poplavskaya. — Remember how I went nuts when he came home and said “Surprise!” Took off his shirt, and there — I! And live! I hope its back cover, always and forever. Don’t know whether there are sons who “beat” the portraits of their mothers.”

Klim Poplavsky — the eldest son of Yana and directed by Sergei Ginzburg. Despite the difficult relationship with his father, he followed in father’s path and became a Director. However, he is slightly more successful than Ginzburg, at his age. One of his first works was the TV series “Lawyer” with Andrei Sokolov in the lead role. The climate control was only 25. Later, he directed one of the stories in the film “happy New year, moms!”. And in 2015, the screens out the first film under the direction of acting called “Decent people”. There played Natalya Medvedev and Yevgeny Smorygin.

Klim married. In 2015 he got married to his girlfriend, Eugenia Ostriakovo. But the most important woman in his life is still mom…